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Published on February 8, 2017

Game of Thrones season 6 just came to an end, and blew out minds with the best finale of the series yet. Here are my thoughts on the Game Of Thrones: Season 6 finale!

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  1. Its The Sept of Baelor, not the Red Keep. Cersei was in The Red Keep when it blew up :)

  2. I never realized how weird that would be if Jon Snow married his Aunt.

  3. When Danaerys takes the throne, could she become like her father? That would be interesting and very saddening.

  4. they ran out of book material that's why season 6 is crap George RR Martin needs to publish the sixth book already


  6. 2:45 I'm so glad to know someone else who shares the same thoughts that I do about the Faith Militants and The High Sparrow 🙂 They just made part of the show so boring and unenjoyable to watch, I'm so glad they got killed off :)

  7. RIP The Roose, may he be Loose in heaven.
    Also RIP Stannis, The Mannis with The Plannis.

  8. My big thing for next season is I want absolutely NO NEW CHARACTERS introduced. The show is now on it's 7th season, which will be shorter than the other seasons, and is quickly approaching a climax 20 years in the making. Now is not the time to be introducing new shit.

  9. Sorry to be that guy but while rewetting this I found an error that kinda annoyed me. It was the Sept of Baelor that was destroyed, not The Red Keep, that is the castle.

  10. 6:15  "Now the Lannisters are ruling the Seven Kingdoms."

    Um, Jeremy, I don't know if you've realized this yet, but the Lannisters have been ruling the Seven Kingdoms ever since Robert died (some may even argue before that too).  Yes, Joffrey and Tommen were the front figures of power (in a sense), but the real people in power always have been the Lannisters.  The genius was that they were manipulating their way to having control from behind the scenes.

  11. Tommen put the Kings Landing in Kings Landing

  12. not Tully's army
    Edited: and not the red keep

  13. she didn't blow up the red keep, she blew up the sept

  14. "I know no king but the king in the north whose name is Stark! " best line

  15. small but annoying me correction, Cercei didn't blow up the red keep (the red keep is the castle where the iron throne is) she blew up the great Sept of baelor which is basically like the cathedral. otherwise definitely agree, Jeremy :)

  16. Technically if rhegar and lyanna didnt get married Jon isn't a targaryen unless they got secretly married.

  17. Who cares about John Snow's lineage. It's not what Bran knows it's what he can prove.

  18. "The Roose is no longer loose" … Hahahaha !

  19. Adam S

    Well this guy had nothing to say.

  20. im done with this sh*t show. garbage. disgusting. vomit inducing. i stick to reviews from now on. hbo can kiss my ass.

  21. Two people who could kill cersei Jaime or Arya

  22. I don't see how anyone thought that could be anyone other than Arya. When they first show her making eyes at Jaime, sure, you think she has the hots for him. But as soon as I sae the finger in the pie, I knew it was Arya. To have some random, nameless person kill Walder Frey would just be bad storytelling.

  23. It wasn't the red keep it was the Sept of Baelor

  24. "The tullys and their army." Do you hear that child? It's the sound of hundreds of angry neck beards.

  25. here my question can jon snow control dragon better then the mother of dragon,  I mean if she ask them to attack could jon snow tell them no and will they listen.

  26. It wasn't the Red Keep that got blown up, it was the Sept of Baelor lol

  27. George R.R Martin said the ending is going to be bittersweet. I think that's pretty much self explanatory.

  28. It was meant to happen all her kids were suppose to die . The prophecy

  29. I can't help but wonder if Cercei wanted her son to die on purpose. I mean she dressed up ahead of time even though she knew she probably wouldn't go on trial.

  30. Daenerys will marry Jon snow because they are targaryeans

  31. Just like two "Um, actually…"'s that I'm sure you've heard but whatever.
    It was the Knight's of the Vale not the Tully army and it was the Sept of Baelor not the Red Keep.

  32. i can see only 2 possible, powerful enough husbands for daenerys: john snow or jaimie lanister. But john snow and daenerys are related, sort of.

    so daenerys-jaimie lanister marriage? what do you think?

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