Game of Thrones Season 6: Life & Death at Castle Black (HBO)

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Home Games Game of Thrones Season 6: Life & Death at Castle Black (HBO)
Published on December 28, 2016

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  1. It would be nice to recast some dead characters for Bran's visions next season .. :')

  2. "This character is something else."

    Something like a………………Targaryen?

  3. Today is the first of many Sundays without GOT…;-(

  4. Since Bran has been marked by the Nights King, does that mean if he goes through the Wall then it will render the Wall's magic ineffective so the Nights King can follow too? :O

  5. The best death in Season 6 was that kid throwing himself out the window. Every bit as despicable as his brother. I was so disappointed that the wall didn't strangle him and crush his skull, and then… "swan dive".

  6. Aliser and ollys actors are really nice lol

  7. Who else expected Jon to have magical powers after he was revived? It seemed only natural since Beric Dondarion had that fire sword ability.

  8. I am doing this to save my account with Google and straighten up my FB ap

  9. "this character is something else" he certainly is my friend.

  10. You know nothing jon snow. You don't even know how to die.

  11. Melisandre told arya that they will meet again so since she left winterfell that's probably whats gonna happen

  12. Pan Z

    Anybody notice how much has changed in the cinematography from season 1 to 6?

  13. Am I retarded for streaming every episode free, but still buying the DVDs and re-watching every episode?


  15. All the Olly hate lol…so the paradox is Jon can kill a child who killed him for letting people who killed his parents inside the gates, but Jon can't kill a woman who burned a child alive. Got it.

  16. I dont understand… jon is baratheon or rhaengar?

  17. Just curious. Why do none of the Northern Lords seem to care that Jon Snow has deserted the nights watch? Desertion is a big crime in the North but no one seems to care and they declare him King in the North anyway. And if they do know, why do none of his vassals seem particularly bothered or at least in awe that he died and was ressurected?

  18. Sooooo…! When is the next episode??? I'm desperate

  19. Hold the door hold the door holddoor holddoor…….hodor…hodor

  20. I have a theory about Game Of Thrones which is that J Snow and Stormborn get united and they have to kill those white walkers and then they destroy the iron throne.

  21. kill the boy jon snow and let the man be born

  22. meh to me he is the same jon, not a change in his personality

  23. i am really about the Robert rebbelion bc ser alliser last word are awesome and he is also on targerian side so wish we should see him again

  24. No one mention the necklace. Good, we all better forget it ever happened.

  25. what is dead may never die

  26. because of all this life and death shit, i hope he doesnt go crazy like other targeryans

    It's SO GOOD to see Owen Teale talk a little about his amazing performance as Ser Alliser.

  28. Still have a question: how did Jon find a Stark armour in Castleblack?! xD

  29. Jon Snow so that Jon Stargaryen could rise

  30. guys were almost their….sik :(

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