Game Of Thrones Season 7 Announcement Teaser and Jon Snow vs Sansa Stark

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Published on January 12, 2017

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Announcement Teaser and Jon Snow vs Sansa Stark. Night King White Walkers vs Bran Stark, Jon Snow Targaryen Reveal and Season 8 War ►
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  1. @Emergency Awesome. I personally feel that they should just talk it out calmly. There isn't much family left. Jon and Sansa need to focus more on winter coming along with the white walkers. Plus with Bran and Arya still alive, they all need to be reunited and be able to stay together and protect their home. There isn't time for petty fights on who will rule winterfell. Family is more important now than ever since they lost their father, mother, and their two brothers. But what im also hoping is to see Arya's and Jon's wolves come back.

  2. For fuck sake will the presenter on this channel just kill himself

  3. Seriously Charlie, I'm still disappointed because you've always seemed so neutral when it comes to the characters, and it makes NO sense for you to say that you would hate Sansa. You basically hate her because she might be upset that she wasn't given any credit that she rightfully deserved? Wow! Come on! She DOES in fact have every right to be upset. She was the one who saved all of their asses and got NO recognition for it whatsoever. She deserves to be Queen in the North as much as Jon is King in the North. And she is still a great character! Her character development has been some of the most fascinating that has ever been put to book or screen. There is NO proof that she will "betray" Jon. Why the hell would she do that? It would make absolutely no sense for her to do that given everything she did during season 6. Another ridiculous thing is to say that you hate Catelyn NOW. Why now, when from the very moment we meet her we ALREADY know that she hated Jon and felt nothing but disdain for him. (even though it was understandable why she felt that way). So that too makes no sense. Fortunately most people still love both of them.

  4. i really hope the show doesnt go to shit. but i have this bad feeling about it

  5. I think the other way…Sansa knows by now Littlefinger's mechanizations lead to her father's and family's demise and I think a Jon vs Sansa scenario would be her plot to corner Baelish and get him once and for all.

  6. i think its bs cuz jon didnt want this in the first place and he already acknowledged that she saved the day plus in wartime sansa would be a very ineffective leader due to her lack of experience in war. sure having the knights of the vale at her disposal is nice but whats the point if she doesnt know how to use it. i mean when the others come i would feel better knowing jon( someone who has actually dealt with them) was in charge instead of a bitter teenage girl and littlefinger wont be able to talk his way from the nigth king, assuming he does talk

  7. hearing shit like this makes me wish jon stayed dead and somehow managed to become a white walker lieutenant and helped kill everyone. I wish he wasnt so trusting of a person. what would make for a cool twist is jon is slowly dying from wounds dished out by LF and sansa loyalist and bran tries save him by putting a dragon glass shard in his chest but because of all the heart break jon has endured( namely sansas ultimate betrayal) the dagger somehow poisons his heart and he becomes a super white walker since hes presumably the chosen one and the closing scene of the series finale jon is at the head of the undead army and has become the new night king and hes standing where sunspear once was-indicating that everyone on westeros is dead- now creating an ice bridge to essos

  8. Do you think Angela Landsbury will be Lady Olenna's sister? I feel like she could match the Queen of Thornes sauciness and she has a grudge.

  9. Ide like to know how many of the people receive there gift cards?First you have to make yourself eligable then you are selected then you have to find out yourself that you won Then you must define the back end of the channel what is that google plus or something else?

  10. ic don't think there will be a jon vs sansa. First she can't rely on Littlefinger, next she never showed any intention to rule, there is still Cersei to fight, Arya and Brian to find back (she knows they are alive).

  11. anyone else want Sansa and little finger to die a horrible death :p ????? thumbs up

  12. A GoT theme park would be awesome, but might not be appropriate for kids. Balish's Brothel coaster, Red Wedding boat ride (for couples), etc.

  13. Cora 156

    Sansa had to deal with a lot of things. You can clearly see she doesn't trust easily anymore. I think that's why she didn't tell Jon. When you've been through so much you think different, maybe even smarter. I don't think people should blame Sansa for that. After all without her Jon would be dead and Ramsay still alive. Sansa has improved so much through all the seasons and if it would've been the other way around: Jon didn't tell her, then most of you guys wouldn't make a big deal out of it.

  14. All of this seems a bit of misdirection to me. I don't think Sansa would turn against Jon so quickly after he saved her from Ramsay. I also don't think she would be so eager to team up with Littlefinger again after her last experience, unless it would be to marry him, murder him, and take control of the Vale (I don't expect Robyn Arryn to last long) Furthermore, Jon has already acknowledged that Sansa is the real reason for the victory in the Battle of the Bastards. It's never been his ambition to be King in the North, in fact, he probably wants to head South and get warm. He would probably relinquish his title if Sansa asked him to

  15. I think Sansa will play LF and be with Jon in the end.

  16. Sansa being manipulative stems from Littlefinger and all that. But Sansa knows what Littlefingers like. And she suffered Ramsay. Plus Jon, he recognised that he won the battle for Winterfell because of her. I doubt she would want to be like Littlefinger or the Boltons. I felt that when Jon kissed her forehead, it was symbolic. I think she will turn out more like her mother in the sense of being strong on her own, but I think she will be a version of Cat that actually cares for Jon. I don't see her betraying Jon for Littlefinger. Sansa, "I always used to think about what I wanted, never what I had."

  17. Omfg this show just gets more stupider from the books. There dumbest idea yet!

  18. It's one thing for there to be a bit of sibling rivalry and tension, but it's another altogether for Sansa for actively plot with LIttlefinger, the guy who basically gave her to a sadistic, murdering, rapist, against Jon. And for what? To rule the north? Jon doesn't give two shits about being King in the north, except for the fact that it allows him to gather the troops to face the Night King.

  19. If Bran returned wouldn't he be lord or Winterfell?

  20. Ok, I know this will amount to a big fat zero but I would like to see Sansa betray Jon and then have Arya get revenge on her sister who, if you remember the first season – Arya and Jon were very close while she and Sansa not so much (she mocked Sansa for wanting to marry a prince and being lofty ectre) – I think it would be cool to find out that Arya blamed all that has befallen her family on Sansa's desires to be a princess (remember Joffrey?) – if handled right it could be a neat twist.

    Just my take. Meh.

  21. Wait a minute, there's gonna be a season 8?

  22. You know what, Sansa is probably one of the smartest characters in this game NOW and no one will listen to her. Sansa told Jon they need more men. Jon rushes off into battle anyway clearly out numbered but honestly not possessing enough common sense to oh, I don't know, not fight a battle he only hoped he could win. Sansa tells Jon don't do the obvious and fall into the trap. What does Jon do? The most obvious thing and falls right into the trap. Sansa had to turn to Little Finger, a man who manipulated her and dropped her off at the doorstep of a monster, for help and she honestly can't stand his guts. She's THE only reason Jon Starkgaeryen is even alive.Will Jon make a good king? Yes. But so would Ned and Rob and they're dead. Lets face it, the Stark men are good and kindhearted people but that is clearly not all it takes to rule or else they'd still be alive. The women in GoT are learning how to get it done and stay alive while doing it. Sophie basically said that Sansa didn't even want to be Queen, she just wants some recognition and Kit said that Jon won't be giving her much of it.

  23. Bitch please. All you did was write a letter to Little Finger. Jon was on the battle field cutting people in half. You didn't even get your hands dirty.

  24. Hopefully they wont push this – it sounds as boring as the expanded "Sam and Gilly romance".

  25. I personally think it is a horrible idea that they would allow JonVs. Sansa. I mean seriosuly, I cried myself tears of joy when I saw at least whatever remains of the Stark family to reunite then they throw it in our faces that 'Yeah, they are gonna kill and turn on each other like the others (I'm looking at the Lannisters, right now cept for Jamie and Tyrion).' I mean, come on! This is just like marking our favorite characters for death just to piss us off and make us cry!

  26. i just want sansa and jon to be a couple..they look good together..n sans deserves a good man as a husband after the sadist bastards she's been with..dany already had a good married life with drogo n then a man who loves her for her in daario (whom she left without repentance) so yeah…sans and jon all the way !!! but this is g.o.t so i'll go n read the fanfictions instead…:((

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