Game Of Thrones Season 7 Daenerys Targaryen Sansa Stark Predictions

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Published on November 18, 2016

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark Predictions. Jon Snow and Sansa, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen Stark Alliance Theories ►
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  1. Sansa, the voice of reason? Give me a break man. The show has really twisted Jon's leadership abilities by cutting out a lot of stuff on how he got to be in the leadership of the commander. His vision for potential as well as areas of trouble. Step by step building the capability of the night watch. His biggest issue is not passion but communication and indeed this is where Sansa and Davos, even more, can be of help.

  2. PapaD84

    I'm okay with the show letting women seize power but JON CANT DIE!! Can we just let a few men on the show survive!!! please!!

  3. Sansa is gonna turn heal,bet your ass on it suckas.

  4. did u do a video on the new wolverine movie yet

  5. who from jons story is truly the best with words and closest to kings landing? how about jon sends a raven back to sam tomake a treaty with the dragon queen…. minds blown?

  6. That picture of the two kissing is fucking nasty.
    Their aunt and nephew. ya nasties

  7. nah we already seen the picture of jon with Danny overlooking the sea,jon looks like Ned stark

  8. The new pictures blew these ideas apart.

  9. Sansa is NOT good at politicking. She's easily manipulated and doesn't know who to trust.

  10. Guys Jon and Daenerys meet up next season literally if you don't believe me go on twitter and put in #gameofthronesspoilers or #daenerystargaryen or #jonsnow there are leaked pics of Dany and Jon talking it looks like they're in the south and they're on a wall by the ocean dany is looking out to the ocean while Jon is facing her, and there is a pic of Dany, missandei, grey worm, tyrion, varys and brienne together, literally i kid you not if you want ill email you the pics x

  11. Corps1e

    Sansa and Dany will hook up behind the curtains I think, and Dany will feel like she is Lyanna, since Danys a very strong take whats she wants and fucks who she wants kind of Girl very bossy but very smart, and I think for King and queen seats It'll be Jon and Dany on the Iron throne

  12. I feel like Jon is still licking his wounds from rising from the dead…although, Jon is King of the North I believe he will listen to Sansa, Davos and others…seems like so many side stories converging…it's hard to say how they will tie them all up in a nice little bow. Probably, won't have too many happy ever after endings…just the battle for King's Landing (season 7) and the white walkers (Season 8) many will die and live on into legend…wishing for characters to have a happy outcome is probably asking too much of the Game of Thrones story. If I had to guess Sansa will be the only one to survive and sit on the Iron Throne.




  14. I'm sooo shiping Dany and Yara!!! She does seam bisexual enough in the book! :D

  15. kinda dose feel like there throwing men under the bus is it just me who feels like that

  16. I think Sansa will definitely be doing some negotiating with Daenerys. She seems better at that, as you say, Jon is no good at politicking. Great video.

  17. I think Jaime will kill Cersei, then die in Brienne's arms.
    I hope Jorah will return to Daenerys to advise and protect her, possibly (hopefully) becoming her lover.
    I believe Gendry will return, wielding a warhammer to fight off the whitewalkers before settling down with Arya when the fighting is done.
    And I think Jon Snow will remain King in the North, with Daenerys sitting on the iron throne.

  18. George R.R Martin doesn't like things to be black and white/ good and evil. When you think you know something he sweeps the rug out and kills off someone and things change. I believe Daenerys will go through a complete transformation as we can already see she went from sweet girl to power hungry/battling ruler. She will wind up similar to her father (the mad king).

  19. I have a sense that sansa might turn bad this next season. get pissed at jon and run to little finger

  20. Don't forget that Tyrion is in Daenerys' ear and he likes Jon.

  21. can you do a Winds of Winter book video?

  22. Will Yara Greyjoy fuk the tits off Daenerys?

  23. PP1962

    I don't like the idea of Jon and Sansa. They are brothers, but not.

  24. I know it would be kinda weird but i can see Jon and Sansa getting married. :P

  25. Anyone else see the leaks of Jon and Dany meeting?

  26. Does RRMartin=Samwell?

  27. 43drak

    Yeah she was such a great diplomat in getting the others northern lords to join in overthrowing Ramsey.  Jon needs to make Davos his diplomat for making peace and join their cause and Sansa  as a diplomat to start a  war and pissin folks off.

  28. PK PK

    "It would be a big WTF if they married Sansa and Jon Snow", well considering incest is basically the entire theme in Game of Thrones, it would not surprise me.

  29. OMG no Sansa does not and is not going to be the one to win Danys trust, after Dany hears about Jon being resurrected, (Davos is the one who begins to tell her before Jon tells him to say no more) she immediately respects Jon. Jon to Dany not so much. All the time they spend with each other trying to figure out how they will defeat the WW they eventually will fall in love Jon will eventually pet Drogon which will surprise her and Bran and Sam will figure out Jons true heritage and comes to find out his names is Aegon.

  30. what do you think about all the season 7 leaks, basically they've got the entire plot of the season out there. Have you read it and do you think theres any validity to it or do you think its mainly speculation?

  31. White walkers are a much bigger thread then cersie.. And to tackle that, north needs dragons.. Only jon at present have seen the white walkers and he is the one who can present the problem in the manner to danarys, moreover sansa definitely won't be wanting to meet tyrion at the dragon pit, and jon won't send her sister, he swear to protect him. She is protected in winterfell, there must always bhi a STARK at winterfell, and jon is not a stark! So its possible that jon is going to meet danarys in the upcoming season, while sansa will rule winterfell

  32. I really want to see a scene with Sansa and the Queen of Thorns where Sansa does some kickass politicking and then the Queen touches her face and says "You remind me so much of Margaery, she loved you so." Big sad reveal like that would blow me away

  33. I don't get why people love Daenerys so much? she has got to be the most boring cringiest character in the show most of her scenes make me want to go to sleep. Tbh if she wins it would most cliche shittest ending.

  34. when are you doing the new star wars rebels season?

  35. Jon Snow in my opinion, I think it will be something, that no one is touching on that Ned Stark held a secret, that only one may have a clue to, Tyrian Lanister. Here it is, Tyrian heard the secret, Ceresi wanted the child to die, with his mother. His mother killed by the Mad King, but the baby escaped with a trusted guardian. The Mad King, Danyeys father raped and ordered the deaths. The baby survived. Brought before the women, Ceresi in chains, Sansa, Tyrian and Dany, his shirt torn, his armor removed. The mark revealed, Tyrian reveals the truth, "Behold, the bastard child, behold the child who was discarded,..( a chuckle), behold the true heir to the Iron Throne. Jon Snow.

  36. New set photos showing dany and Jon with dragon props

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