Game Of Thrones Season 7 Gendry and Daenerys Targaryen Mind Blowing Theory

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Published on December 27, 2016

Game Of Thrones Season 7 Gendry and Daenerys Targaryen Mind Blowing Theory. Robert’s Rebellion, Aegon the Conqueror, Jon Snow Daenerys Targaryen and Arya Stark ►
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  1. Gendry and aria end up together in the north married and ruling winterfel

  2. I had a £2 bet on Gendry to rule Westeros at 66/1 now he's 18/1 :)

  3. Gendry is the Prince who was promised…..plot twist!

  4. In the books, Gendry obviously has feelings for Arya, maybe if he gets into power and isn't low born anymore, he might be with Arya

  5. i think it's a given that he'll end up as lord of Storm's End maibe Aria will become his wife. I think that makes sense as it gives a tie to Stark house. His stori is a mirror, but also an inverse of his father's. Instead of a Ned Stark supporting A Baratheon King Robert it will be a Baratheon Gendri supporting a Stark King Jonaemon. Instead of an unrequited love of robert for Lianna, it will be a mutual love between Aria & Gendri.

  6. On page 256 of AGOT Ned tells Arya she will marry a king and rule his castle.

  7. nice Guild Wars 2 pic at the beginning of the vid!

  8. Rick N

    For now, I think Gendry is there just for flashback purposes. Ultimately though, I think he will be the blacksmith that, with Sam's help will be able to once again forge Valyrian Steel and contribute greatly toward fighting the army of the dead.

  9. doombox

    Gendry's helm was a bull not a stag. But it would be really cool to see him grow into the next head of House Baratheon. If there's any houses left by the end of the story… which I'm not too confident in, actually. lol.

  10. BTW Gendry made a bulls head helm, not a stags, big difference, but would have been nice if it had been a stag. and Gendry and arya are so hooking up this season, hes said she will be his lady, foreshadow much, and btw it would finally be like lyanna and Robert getting together, even though she loved the targeryn.

  11. Emilia Clarke has put on some weight … F that Terminator movie :C

  12. i think gendry and Aryia will get married and rule the storm lands together

  13. I can see it now:
    "I name you Gendry of the House No-one, Lord of Storm's End, and No-one of House No-one."

  14. The helmet he made was a bull and not a stag btw. at least in the books. i forgot if they showed it in the show.

  15. I'm not sure how well Daenerys will get along with Gendry. Considering Gendry's father caused the deaths of her family I'm not so sure how much she will want anything to do with him if she doesn't want him dead.

  16. The mythos dictates that "incest in the modern age" = "distasteful". Daenerys will not be "picking" Jon or Gendry or anyone… all of that $h!t won't matter by then.

  17. Maybe the filming of Gentry yielding a hammer was actually a flashback of Robert in his younger days and they were using the actor who played Gentry for a young Robert.

  18. don't you dare bring back gendry only to kill him off. he better survive until the end and have arya as his lady ;-;

  19. Gendry is a black smith, he could have a role in making the weapons to fight white walkers, valyrian steel

  20. Why would anyone even care about Gendry though? I know who he is and all but do you think anyone else would give a poop? I can see them just killing him and tossing him away.But Davos is still alive so that's pretty much the hope there with dany jon and such

  21. When Gendry says Arya would be "milady," I got the feeling it was a play on words and he meant "my lady." If she grows into a beautiful young woman, and he had a true claim to nobility, their marriage would make sense.

  22. I think it'd be cool if it came to a battle between Dany, Jon, and Gendry (Targaryens, Starks, Baratheon) i know it won't happen mainly because Gendry doesn't have an army but I think it'd be cool if it came down to the last Targaryen blood lol

  23. Didn't he make a helm that was a Bull.. not a Stag? @Charlie

  24. If he's still in that boat it's as a dead man lol

  25. Gendry & Arya! I would hope that Arya can recover from the dark turn she's had to take to survive.

  26. If Dany legitimizes him, he'll be Gendry Baratheon Lord of Storm's End. HE CAN MARRY ARYA GUYS
    gendrya shippers explode

  27. Charlie, maybe I'm mistaken but I could have sworn the helm Gendry made was a bull head, not a stag.

  28. The Helm was a bull's head, not a stag. (At least in the show)

  29. Not to nit pick, Charlie… Gendry made a bull helm, not a stag helm… =)

  30. Gendry will make more valerian steel and dragonglass weapons with the help of sam

  31. He made a helm that was (in the shape of) a bull.

  32. I believe Gendry will come back and be named Lord of House Boratheon, He also has a claim to be King of the seven Kingdoms Robert did write that letter for Ned after all (rightful heir).

  33. Season 7, Gendry is still rowing

  34. I really want a stormlands army fighting lannisters

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