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Published on November 5, 2016

We have some Game Of Thrones Season “Leaks” but to be honest i don’t believe them all, Lets Talk Unlikely Real Spoilers!

★”Season 7 Plot Leak In Question-


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  1. I think they are lies but if Cercei being pregnant were true I think that would be a good story. She finally realizes all the prophecy has been self fulfilling. You may say sure but what about Rhaegars death? Well what about it? She asks if she will wed the prince they so no you will wed the king. That's not very far fetched for Cercei lannister. She was very high born and already had plans to marry into royalty. Her world will come crashing down knowing it's all her fault.. and now she has another baby to protect that she knows she won't be able too.. I think that would be solid. Dany and Jon having sex while the wall comes down? I really hope that's not true. Whoever made that up (even if it's D&D) needs to get their head out of their ass and try harder

  2. NOPE… don't believe the leaks

  3. The links to your other videos at the end aren't working. And I think these rumors are fan fiction for the most part. I surely don't believe Cersei is pregnant. Thanks for the video!

  4. I think that some of the stuff is possible but defenitly not 100% certain

  5. Ricey's Back? Where's he been? The spoilers seem really fake. I can't believe any of it.

  6. OK I stopped it at Sansa and LF cos I don't wanna know leaks….But saying that, we need to remember that they are still filming, and who can say what D&D will keep in or leave on the cutting room floor? I mean Jon & Dany getting it on? Oh please that is so Mills & Boonsy rolls eyes….this away lad, is making things up, and I am gonna stick with WOTW…..Also good to see Sophie finally on set…I'd prefer to listen to your objective & logical take on the show & future predictions than some guy whose making u stories while the cast is still filming. For instance there are only 7 episodes, so how can Euron have Dragonbinder? And so far Euron has been a major disappointment and the Kingsmoot a disaster. Most of the time will be spent winding up stories & characters in preparation for Season 8…There is a lot for them to cover..Mel where's her story going? What is Arya going to be doing in the North? Lyanna Mormont, Tormund Giantsbane, two new northern characters. Thoros and BWB's? The Hound? Sansa & LF/Royce? Gendry, Sam/Gilly/babySam/Tarly family? The Greyjoys? Castle Black? Bran & Meera? Jaime/Cersei/ Qyburn/Gregor? Daenerys/Tyrion/Varys & Co?…and amongst all this, they are going to try & put in more stories?….I don't believe it….I think this away guy has his head in the clouds, while you, Ray have your feet on solid ground….Thanks for the vid and as always you have a great week :)

  7. 3:59 – I dont see how anyone can assume that Daenerys will force Jon to "bend the knee" or how they can think "OF COURSE"she'll force him to bend the knee!" I have never seen a fictional character from a TV show/movies to be as misunderstood as the TV show version of Daenerys, which is due in large part to the writers but also to Emilia Clarke's portrayal, & people base their negative opinion more on the haughty manner that Emilia Clarke employs when she delivers her lines but also in how she carries herself. Daenerys is the only character in this entire story (as well as Jon) who has used the very things that make her powerful to free millions of slaves from ancient bondage. People are constantly telling their dislike of her by saying that she is "a brat", or that she is "entitled". The only other character who was hellbent on conquering Westeros is Stannis, who was as entitled as you can get.

  8. 2:40 – regarding "Dragonbinder"….I find this dragonhorn thing to be
    a bit silly. If it turns out that all you have to do is blow some stupid horn within
    earshot of a dragon to "bind" it to your will, I am going to be HIGHLY
    disappointed. After all, why did the Targaryens & their dragonlord
    ancestors use sorcery & inbreeding to control dragons if all they had
    to do was blow some stupid fucking horn? And if the story ends with
    dragons/dragonfire aiding Westeros in becoming some democratic republic,
    all of my GOT shit is going straight into the trash. GRRM said many
    years ago that the story was ultimately about the restoration of a
    family to a throne. I DO NOT want democratically elected politicians in a
    fuckin' fantasy story.

  9. this whole "ice dragon" thing is bloody stupid.

  10. Maria26

    We had the same leaks last year…and it turned out to be fake as hell! Though I do believe that Jon and Daenerys are going to end up together. Or at least end up marrying each other, have sex, mmaybe make a baby in the process…then one of them might die.

  11. Will Euron catch and strip Yara or the Sand Snakes?

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