Game of Thrones Season 7 News – Arya Stark, Bran Stark, and Rhaegar Targaryen Casting (Spoilers)

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Published on December 1, 2016


In this brief video I give my opinion on the most recent Game of Thrones season 7 news from “Watchers on the Wall”. I talk Rhaegar Targaryen’s possible casting. Sightings of Arya Stark, Bran Stark and Lyanna Mormont on set. And new set pieces as well as old Game of Thrones shooting locations.

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Watchers on the Wall:

  1. Makes no sense for the Lannister army to go north… That'll be like, the Lannisters just giving up the Iron Throne and handing it to Dany on a silver platter. The only army that could go north is Dany's army but I doubt that either. The battle in the North is obviously between the Northerners and the White Walkers.

  2. That last filming location is definitely Casterly Rock. looks just like it, plus it only makes sense for the north to finally cut the Lannisters off from their home

  3. i follow you now. great vid. BUT how do you not see that lyanna mormont and arya wear the same outfit? so they both musz be north

  4. Murfdog

    best s7 show update & character theories of the year… awesome

  5. A southern army has not gone North in 1,000yrs. It's too far, too cold, & if you don't control Moat Cailin you're not getting in. Cersei has very little money and less allies – she will need to keep what army she has to protect King's Landing. Danarys will deal with Cersei, Jon is focused on the Northern problems/Knight's King – army of the dead etc. The Real War.

  6. Sam meets up with Gendry in Old Town for Gendry can smith Valarian steel

  7. Maybe the tall white male soldiers are for the white walkers and some event they have.

  8. When you play the "Game Of Theories", you win or you make another video. 😀 Hyped for season 7!!!

  9. Hi, I loved it! Anyway, somebody has already told here on YT, that arena site would possibly be in Bran's flashback as the tournament scene where Rhaegar gave the blue rose wreath to Lyanna. I think it is very likely.

  10. I wonder if Gendry will get Storms end with no other baratheons around. But the last castle might be Old town or Castlerly rock, getting sacked by Euron. Or maybe a scene with Euron and Cersei in Casterly rock, who knows. It could even be White Harbor.

  11. The Lannisters going North to fight Jon Snow and the Northerners is absurd. Cersei vs Daenerys is definitely going to be battle of the season

  12. It's possible she comes north. Littlefinger controls Moat Caitlin right now or at least that's where the Knights of the Vale where before the Battle of the Bastards. It could be that he plans to double cross Jon Snow and Sansa. Or thinks Sansa will be on his side. Cersei promised him the north at one point last season..or was it the season before.

  13. Lyanna mormonts outfit and aryas outfit are the same

  14. What if the ruins are used to CGI the Great Tourney at Harranhal?

  15. devon has not been confirmed, its also being said he made that tweet to gain more fans and it is working all you guys saying same thing, think about about it HBO would not let him say anything so why keep feed his 5 min of lies

  16. Melisandre saw a victory at Blackwater in the flames. Obviously it wasn't Stannis's victory but it could Daenarys's. The Dothraki will obviously attack on horseback and will "maybe" rape their way down the king's road. But Daenarys's new alliance with House Greyly will surely allow her to attack and successfully conquer Kings Landing from the sea.

  17. Or the redhead could be Ashara Dayne!

  18. That's not true…Petyr Baelish will kill all Starks, and Cersi will kill Deanarys, and the alliance of Cresi-Bealish will rule Westros happily ever after.

  19. 2:00 it's an outfit worn by a noble boy of the north
    6:40 cerise would never leave kings landing and she is likely going to be killed by jamie attacking the north is so fucking dumb just asked all the people who succeed in attacking the north, there isn't one. The road is mostly for the frey civil war and littlefinger's liberation of the riverlands.
    7:00 Danny is fucked she is going to be betrayed by the dothraki, dorn, and maybe grey worn. 2 dragons are going to be stolen one by dorn and one by euron. John will declare northern independence and little finger will seize the riverlands work with john to unite the vale riverlands and north and make john at odds with danny.
    Highgarden is gone another family will likely seize control. Dorn is working to install ronish law and is trying to steal a dragon and or convince danny that she needs ronish law.
    Stormlands are a mess, maybe gendry most likely another house, if gendry then davos and jon will ally with him.
    Btw dont forget half of stannis men are still hiding somewhere and they have double the horses. (so they can eat them)

  20. Fausto

    Tourney at harrenhal flashback.

  21. Arya appears to be in a form of Stark armor…think back to season one, the feast scenes and meeting the kings court. Sansa and the other girls weren't dressed anything like that….they were dressed like Cat, which is more ladylike. I didn't see this outfit as being as ladylike as you do, more warrior like. Which Arya may end up to prefer, as she's got no time for skirts and whatnot.

    I think most likely, Arya hears what's going on in Winterfell, that Ramsey is dead and Jon and Sansa rule. But she hasn't stayed alive this long by not being careful. So it makes sense to me that she would wear a face and sneak into WF to see with her own eyes before exposing herself. I see the reunion with Jon and Sansa being a true reveal….like in the middle of a meal "apprehend that guard there….guard, identify yourself this instant….." Awwwwww! It's Arya our long lost sister….etc.

    Just my take


  23. this outfit does look like what ned stark wears…I think she will really go to the north but with her mother not around, she can dress like a boy if she wants.

  24. The worst is that Episode 3/4 ARE midseason!

  25. I mean I get that George R.R. Martin is done or whatever with the book. Why not continue to drag out, and elaborate one the story instead of just an end. I mean there are a lot of successful series on network TV that have lasted for 10+seasons….. Why not write tv version with comic companion???????

  26. that last place that u couldn't pronounce is going to be dragonstone that is where dany is going to land

  27. she's also going to meet davos and Jon there.. they r going to create an alliance.

  28. Did anyone else notice that Arya and Lyanna have nearly idintical outfits in the pictures they caught of them on set? Winterfell anyone?

  29. Hi,i like what you sad about becoming season or seasons…(7 or 7 and 8)..Well,what i think is, that the Arya will be the one who will kills the dead walkers because she can change the face ,and my opinion is that she will be like the one of them ..and then kill them all…And Jon Snow(my favorite one )he will be the king with Deneris of all of 7 kingdom .. about north…i think that Sansa will be with hre uncle…i dont trust Sansa .. well that is all from me for know…

  30. The Beach castle at the end of the video looks more like Dragonstone to me. Daenarys is likely to land at Dragonstone before making her way to Westeros, so I think there could be a small skirmish to take the Island.

  31. What do you think could be the development in relationship of Jon and Sansa, now that it is revealed that they are no longer brother and sister

  32. I still want Jon Snow and Arya together because they loved each other from the beginning even when they were still brother and sister..but then it turns out they're not brother and sister..Jon had been missing Arya that he would do anything just to be with her in that moment….. My most favorite characters, by the way, are Arya and Jon is Llyanna Mormont, then Tyrion

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