Game of Thrones: Season 7 (Part 1)

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Published on October 31, 2017

A brief recap of Game of Thrones season seven (part 1), from Daenerys at Dragonstone to the second Field of Fire. Based on the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin.

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  2. Last but also second and fourth so yeaa…………………….

  3. You should just dissect the abundant and annoying plot holes.

  4. Hope you don't forget to mention the part where ravens travel faster than a jet, the night king still has no motive, Sansa was going to kill Arya in winterfell (it's shown in a deleted scene that Bran had to tell Sansa about Petyr before Littlefinger's death scene since Sansa was actually going to sentence Arya to death as she believed Petyr when he said the whole "imagine the worst thing she could want" shit, which means Arya and Sansa HAD NOT planned all of that shit we saw in winterfell), arya being a psycho out of nowhere, arya knowing how to use a sword even though she only practiced with a staff for a little while, dragons travel faster than a lake has time to freeze over even though there are white walkers around and apparently everything gets colder then, how gendry can run forever in the cold without water and actually make it back to the wall, how Euron's ships can teleport from King's Landing to Lannisport within an episode just cuz, why Bronn and Tyrion when meeting by the dragon pit act like they haven't met for years even though they clearly met earlier in the Red Keep's basement, how the dothraki travelled back to Dragonstone faster than Daenerys on a dragon's back after they'd intercepted the lannister supply train, how shitty the writing has been this season, oh and let's not forget the infamous chains and how all of the sudden the wights are scuba divers since they could dive down, wrap the chains around the dragon and then drag it back up. I haven't even talked about how Jon was rescued a la deus ex machina THREE TIMES IN ONE SEQUENCE without doing jack shit.

    If you couldn't tell I hated this season, so damn much. Writing was horrible. Also if all wights are controlled by White Walkers, why didn't the walkers know about Jon and his party when they'd sent a fricking wight polar bear on them? I should take a note out of George R.R. Martin's book and just stop watching the show altogether. Yeah you heard me, the original creator doesn't even watch it anymore, he's out there on his blog telling people to watch Kingdom.

    Keep up the great work CivilizationEx, I love what you do I just had to vent. I've been so mad about my favorite show, next to The Wire, going down the mud for so long now. I'm just gonna wait for Winds of Winter and be at peace knowing it'll be probably the best book in the series so far from the sample chapters alone.

  5. I was going to jump, but then I saw CivilizationX uploaded a video.

    You have saved my life.

  6. Godkoala

    another new asoiaf video

  7. Kate VD

    I started watching these before I watch the show. I can tell you more about the history of Westrose then any of the seasons before season five. This is great love the drawings love your work love watching everything you do for Game of Thrones

  8. i love how he is trying to explain the plot holes of the season in a logical manner like how the iron bank some how got the gold they wanted after daenerys burned the army to shit. Because that can't be the actual explanation right…. she wouldn't leave the gold in tacked and out on the side of the road just so some other army (maybe the crazy pirate army?) would just take it the rest of the way, right?

  9. Fuck the show.

    The books are the only canon I mean to bend my knee to.

  10. Second worst season to date (s6 the worst)

  11. Come on civilizationex i love your channel but your better than this bullshit fan service tv show

  12. 3:58 "dammit if i don't get some dragon puss after dis" -mormont before dany boatsexed jon

  13. 3:32 – ugh! One of the most annoying parts of this season. They played this off as if it was some revelation, even though Stannis freakin' told Sam about this like 3 f'n seasons ago

  14. Steven E

    this was a very weak season.

  15. The drawings you use are amazingly terrific and slightly awful at the same time. ^_^ I love it! Your channel has been one of my favorites since I started watching the show while I was finishing up my Doctoral thesis in Aberdeen, Scotland. You guys have totally helped me through some very stressful times…
    Thanks for that. I don't know what I would have done without this show – and your amazing videos (and these crazy looking icons of the people from the show!)…
    If I EVER GET A DECENT JOB FROM THIS DEGREE (I've been told I am too old for an academic career, but how does one actually prove one is being discriminated against for age ?) I plan to join the others who are part of your patreon family. I've really enjoyed watching your channel grow!
    Best wishes to you all! JMC xx

  16. rajus 4

    Please do a lotr video

  17. Considering how the Westerlands and the Reach are right next to each other couldn't the Unsullied made their way to Highgarden the same time the Dothraki did?

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