[Game of Thrones] Season 7 Spoiler Report | Jon & Theon | Arya | Daenerys Davos & Brienne

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Published on November 11, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 7 cast news and story spoilers. Jon and Theon, Jon and Arya, Daenerys, Davos and Brienne, Arya and Lyanna Mormont. Please Subscribe now! – http://bit.ly/PetePeppers
Tons of new news from the Game of Thrones Season 7 sets in Belfast and Spain. The mother of dragons meeting with the King in the North’s advisers. Lyanna Mormont is back, Bran and Dolorous Edd, and so much more. Watch now for some interesting Season 7 spoilers.

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  1. Murfdog

    will Arya be able to forgive Sansa…. ??? I mean in both book and show… Sansa indirectly causes Ned-Stark entourage failure to escape and massacres at Kings Landing.

  2. Kiings Road does not extend from the Wall to Kings Landing. That road is supposed to be 3000 miles long.

  3. In a perfect world, Bran finds nymeria the dire wolf, wargs  into her, and brings her to ARYA…EPIC!!! Not gonna  happen , ,but  one can dream.

  4. that little lad is little ramsay

  5. ARYA WILL TAKE LYANNA'S FACE!!!!……………………dum dum

  6. camau79

    how cool would it be if these guys made a got like tv show about eldar scrolls

  7. Please don't address her as lady Lyanna anymore… she's the queen of badass

  8. It looks like it will be an exchange of negotiators between the Stark side and the Targaryen side. Theon and his sister will go to Winterfell to talk to Jon, while Davos and Brienne to wherever Danaerys will be. Just a speculation, but I find it really fascinating! Can't wait!!! :D

  9. The girl with the red hair is dressed like a septa.

  10. I think that the Arya looks dressed somewhat similar to the brotherhood without banners men that were executed last season. Perhaps given her appetite for revenge, she will be absorbing the Lady Stoneheart plot line and leading the brotherhood. We already know she is in the Riverlands, just like them, and I think that he Hound would certainly be willing to follow her. Just a thought..

  11. I'd love to see Arya meet Lyanna. They're very similar. And if Arya was the Lady of Winterfell she'd be a lot like her.

  12. i think Arya will meet Nymeria or Gendry or even Gelisandre before she meets Jon and Sansa

  13. Jon's gonna meet so many people, but the only one i care for him to meet is Varys. Motherfucker better tell him about Littlefinger.

  14. yeah lady lyanna…!!! by far the most badass female char in GOT!!!!!

  15. Just wondering – could the redhead be a Tully in a flashback in one of Bran's visions? One of Tormund's children, perhaps? I just had a vision of Tormund introducing his family to Brienne… of course I don't even know if his family is still alive, but it would be a great chance for some gentle comedy! Hmmm. I might just have to write that into a fanfic.

  16. I just saw a picture and video posted in the last few days of Dany & Jon together on a set of stone stairs….looks pretty sweet. That's probably where your Theon and Jon reunion will take place since Theon was coming over the Narrow Sea with the Dragon gang 😀 Thanks for the video, very cool!

  17. Theon is with dany remember? I think dany is going to meet with Jon this season… so that's probably how Theon will meet with Jon again

  18. The Hound, Arya, Brienne, Pod and Nymeria on the King's Road

  19. In GOT if you live together, you die together.


  21. Theon should be arrested for the murder of those two little farmer boys and face punishment for it.

  22. Fuck you. The thumbnail spoiled it for me. You're spoiling it even for the people who aren't watching the video and just passing by…

  23. Your talking about what will happen when Jon finds Theon? No no what happens when Arya finds Theon oh boy

  24. Am I the only one who wants a Sansa and Arya re-union more than an Arya and Jon re-union ?

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