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Published on December 10, 2016

Game of Thrones Season weekly spoiler report. Game of Thrones cast news & filming news. Leaked GoT scene with fire!
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Game of Thrones Season 7 filming photos were slow this week until we got a brand new leaked scene of what looks like a stunt man being burned by dragon fire. We also had some Game of Thrones casting news that hints at Arya Stark’s story, and interviews with Sansa & Theon. Tell us in the comments if you think this scene is Danerys commanding Drogon to burn someone, and who that someone is.
This our weekly spoiler report where we pull together all the Game of Thrones Season 7 news we can find.

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  1. In Spanish they don't say much the count 3 2 1 accion and after the fire they call the fire man twice

  2. It definitely doesn't say '' Khaleesi ''. After listening to it about 50 times i'm 98% sure it says '' Have Mercy! What witchcraft is this?! '' But why would anyone mention witchcraft while being burned alive by a dragon? Seems like an odd reaction, to say the least. Also, this looks like more of an explosion as opposed to a flamethrower (which is what they normally use when the dragons are attacking). I'm thinking this is not related to Daenerys or the dragons at all. Maybe this is Melisandre or another Red Priest perhaps? Or maybe wildfire without the green VFX?

  3. Andi B

    I predict season 7 will be a bloodbath for main or well known characters: Cercei ( a king or queen or both have died in every season) and she has it coming, Euron, Lady Oolenna, Ellaria and the sand snakes, Greyworm, Missandie, Yara,Theon, Jorah, LittleFinger, Varys ,Bronn, the Mountain, The Hound, thoros, Beric, Jaqen H'ghar(really Syrio), Randall Tarly will die. Some predictions for season 8: the children and the green men(that still exist on the isle of the faces) will show up for the final battle,Dany dies, a wight Hodor, and Bran is the Lord of Light that's right no tinfoil required!!!!!!

  4. Translation from one language to another isn't easy, while "witchcraft" may be the literal translation from Spanish to English, it might not be what is being said at all as far as the actual meaning..

  5. Nyikima

    little finger will roast

  6. There's no way they will be using live sound on the fire ball scene. You know that.

  7. where can i watch this video? o.O

  8. Lol, word of advice, some subs hate it when you put the spoiler in the thumbnail. Also when it pops up in a suggested feed of those trying to avoid spoilers.

  9. Question please? Can you research and make us smarter on the 2 horns? I just get the feeling that their sounds may be the "song" we have all been waiting for. They must be important??

  10. If no Khaleesi caused this fireball,, then this fireball is the undead dragon!!! And the studly young actor is Rhaegar, who we will see in flashbacks! Remember the leaked footage where a blonde young guy with a goatee (and shorter hair) is very carefully, while crouched along the ground, placing a ring on an arrow that is shot into the ground, clearly intended for him? The mystery knight WAS Lyanna, she's on the run, and he's figuring out that is was HER and is falling in love.

  11. I think Sansa is going to have trouble as Lady of Winterfell, this is what Ramsey meant when he said he was part of her now.. So though on one hand she wants to rule like a Stark, she finds herself wanting to rule like Ramsey Bolton and she hates herself for it..

  12. I agree that the dialogue you mentioned is bogus.

  13. Just a thought, the fire ball is Dany testing her new asbestos bra…

  14. The fireball is Dany testing her new asbestos bra…

  15. Tony M.

    It sounds to me like the guy screaming says "No Cercei" not "No Khalisi". I think it's Jaimie screaming and I think the flames are either wild fire or some Quiburn thing.

    Also just occurred to me that if that beach was used as King's Landing before, it might be Black Water Bay. And if Davos and Tyrion are undertaking a clandestine meeting with Jaimie and Bronn it may well be Davos or Bronn. I doubt it's a Lannister. And since there is footage of Tyrion, Davos, and Gendry in DragonStone, if the theory holds, it's Bronn. Bronn being torched in Black Water Bay is totally one of those full circle deaths that this show seems to favor.

  16. David

    Have Ned Stark & TyWin Lanaster ever met before? If not do you think they would get along? If so how was there interaction?

  17. iAlba

    Like really ive started thinking what the fuck am i doing with my life after season 8?

  18. There is no way that Randall Tarley is going to say "Khaleesi", I agree. I am usually good at seeing things coming in stories, but I love GoT because it DOES 'catch' me often.

  19. Could it be a Melisandre or Kinvara?

  20. what if the person that was burning is Jerome Mormont Khaleesi was told that by the red woman it would cure him?

  21. Great videos man! They are feeding my GoT addiction until the next season drops.

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