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Published on January 12, 2017

Game Of Thrones Season 7 TOP 10 Predictions. Daenerys Targaryen vs Cersei Lannister, King Jon Snow R+L=J, Arya Stark Frey Pies and Lyanna Mormont Badassery ►
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  1. What about this one: GRRM said that theres gonna be a big plot twist again so its probably not going to be dany wins the throne, jon kills the walkers bc he is the prince. Maybe it will be Jaime killing Cersei when she is losing to Dany and becoming dangerously mad. Then Dany does win the Throne, but the wall breaks and White Walkers kill Dany. Then The Prince that was promised, Jon, somehow manages to kill them with help of Sam and Bran. Then he will be the last living Targaryen and maybe continue the reign. Or give it to Sansa, the last two im not sure about, who will reign.
    I want the credit if it becomes truth ;)

  2. You can't make dragon glass just mine it and frey didn't eat the pie. Pay attention.

  3. I believe that in the heat of the moment, Danny will ally with Jon with the help of a certain revalation by Bran.

  4. By the way, I strongly believe that at least one dragon will die at the battle for King's landing. Less CGI costs and more drama.

  5. WA

    new idea . will the hound join the nights watch to atone for what he has done

  6. Season 8? I thought Season 7 is the last season….?!?!?!

  7. I think they'll completely drop the We control the grain thing. Lets face it, Daenerys at this point has no competition she should crush Cersei but they'll weaken her somehow to make it more dramatic… And if she could as a bonus completely starve King's Landing out that would make her even stronger but DD want to go the opposite way (unfortunately) and make it difficult for her to win (even though she practically already has).

  8. I really think Daenerys will become insane like her father. I saw it foreshadowed in the last few episodes of Season 6. She was starting to become heartless.

  9. I wanna see Jon Snow kill Daenerys Targaryen! fuking hate that slut!

  10. Even if Jon's father is Rhaegar, he's still a bastard, right? Rhaegar was married to Elia Martel, so Jon is still an illegitimate son. He was born in Dorne, so maybe he should be Jon Sand? Or whatever the bastards of the Crown Lands are called. Or maybe he should be Jon Blackfyre? Either way, he's not a Targarian in name at least. Maybe he could be legitimized by Dany?

  11. Daigga

    there have been set leaks that imply a lot of these predictions are wrong, including the lannisters in highgarden supposedly seizing assets. Also why would Bran hang out beyond the wall having flashbacks while he's being chased by the night king? he's marked, he can be found, he won't be safe until he gets back on the right side of the wall.

  12. Here's what I think will happen in so7 and so8
    Jon will prepare the North to fight the white walkers.
    Baelish will try to coerce Sansa and she might fall into one of his scheme.
    Cersei slowly becomes the Mad Queen
    Dany will march with her army and defeat the Lannister army at battle.
    Cersei will try to blow up King's Landing with wildfire.
    Arya will go to King's Landing to kill Cersei and might kill the Mountain.
    Jaime will kill Cersei and become Queenslayer.
    Dany takes the throne and in order to forge an alliance with North, will consider to marry Jon.
    Bran will reveal Jon's true identity.
    Arya will reunite with Jon and Sansa.
    Jon will first probably reject Dany's proposal but later Sam will assert the importance of dragons in the fight against the undead army so he will accept it.
    Sansa will probably marry Jaime or reunite with Tyrion to get support from Casterly Rock or marry Robin for the Vale but Baelish will not allow this to happen considering Sansa will not support his ambitions.
    In order to get support from Stormlands Arya will PROBABLY be wed to Henry to revive House Baratheon or some new house.
    As Cersei is killed as well as the Mountain, the Sand Snakes will ally with Dany as well as Olenna
    Littlefinger might plan something sinister and probably kill some major character but will be killed off himself.
    Edmure will recognise Dany as queen.
    With Jon as king and Dany as queen and uniting the whole of Westeros, an epic battle will rage against the undead which will be done by all the armies united and some major characters will be killed as well as one of Dany's dragons in the series finale.

  13. Here's what will happen in the end
    Dany as Queen of Westeros
    Jon as king of Westeros
    Bran as lord of the North with Meera as wife
    Jaime/Tyrion with Sansa as wife as lord of the Westerlands
    Robin remaining as lord of the Vale
    Olenna as lady of Highgarden
    Gendry as lord of the Stormlands with Arya as wife
    That wife of Oberyn (Sand Snake lady)as lady of Dorne (sorry forgot name)
    Yara/Theon as lord/lady of the Iron Islands
    and the other killed
    Dario Nahaeris takes control of Dragon's Bay and starts conquering Essos
    Cersei killed by Jaime or Tyrion
    Euron killed in battle by the Greyjoys
    The Mountain killed by Hound or Arya
    Littlefinger killed by Sansa or executed for treason
    One dragon of Dany killed
    The undead army killed in series finale by the united armies of Westeros

  14. A marriage between Jon and Daenerys would be awesome

  15. He's going to meet Dani in season 7

  16. my theory: recent bran is the one who built the wall. that he went back in time and built it as well as the stark family

  17. good to see so many Americans watch game of thrones, they can now finally realise that not all english people are posh fuckers.

  18. I'll pitch this. There will be three dragon riders in the final battle. Danny, Jon and Tyrion. Why Tyrion? First, because he loves dragons, enough to go down to the cave where the two dragons were chained and unchain them….and the second dragon trusted him enough to "ask" him to do it for him. Second? Remember when he brought the diagram to Winterfell of how to build a saddle so that a cripple could ride a horse?  He will think of a way to create a similar saddle so that a very short-legged man can ride a dragon. And third, because as the Half-man, he showed that he has both  the leadership to inspire others and the courage to ride a dragon into battle.

  19. Daenarys wont marry Jamie… He killed her father…

  20. D Ron

    so I just caught with game of thrones…so Edward fucked his sister and had jon snow or is jon snow a targaryn?

  21. Like Tyrian once told Jon, Princess Elia Martell is not his mother.If Jon is a Targaryen, then he is still a bastard.
    but i think "King in the north" solve this problem.

  22. How many seasons will there be before the show ends? God I hope it never ends.

  23. I don't think this guy is very good with predictions.

  24. I disagree with that point about Jon's name. For one, when Lyanna is telling Ned his name, you can clearly hear an 'is' sound, similar to Aerys, Jaehaerys, etc. Rhaegar was an extremely sentimental man. While he may have named Lord Snow after his friend, Jon Connington, Rhaegar was exhibiting a clear pattern of naming his children after famous Targaryens. If his child had been a girl, you had best damn believe she would have been named Visenya. Since Jon ended up being a boy, it would make sense for him to be named 'Jaehaerys', after one of the greatest Targaryen kings to ever rule the Seven Kingdoms.

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  26. my god ….how you describe stuff !!!!!!!! e.g how to make a hot drink ….first of all you should stop whatever you are doing like cooking dinner maybe fish and chips or if Sunday a roast of chicken or if auntie Mable (who is Jewish and does not eat pork)she became Jewish because her husband Chris is Jewish ) anyway auntie Mable loves beef although rick (auntie Brenda and uncle Pete (who no longer live together because of Pete's fondness of wearing ladies clothes) son is not fond of beef because of the time when nanny Doris etc etc

  27. Game of Thrones Fan Theory for Seasons 7 and 8:

    Daenerys Targaryen lands in Dorne and solidifies the alliance between the Targaryen’s and Dorne. She lands here because strategically, in the past, this is where Aegon the Conqueror and other Targaryen kings failed to control, though the rest of Westeros fell through invasion. Once she has control of Dorne, she will strike out with the Tyrell armies from House Tarly to launch a joint invasion against Casterly Rock and Storm’s End. Daenerys will want to take Storm’s End first since it is a good stronghold from which to launch further invasions since it is impervious to siege. From there she will have a forward base from which to launch attacks against King’s Landing. The Westerlands are merely to draw Cersei Lannister’s attention away from King’s Landing. She’ll risk everything to protect her homeland, since she wants to be seen as capable a leader as Tywin Lannister. She will divide her forces in two, the larger part being sent to defend Casterly Rock and Lannisport, which is an important trade route and major source of wealth for the Lannisters. As a result of this, the Crownlands will be weaker and that’s where Daenerys will strike, not with the majority of her Unsullied and Tarly forces, but with a small portion of Unsullied and her dragons. The Stormlands will be the first to fall, then the Crownlands, then the Westerlands. The Greyjoy’s will be ordered to use their fleet to harass Lannister shipping from the Crag to the Shield Islands, effectively blocking all trade. This will put Lannisport under siege and weaken trade between the Crownlands and the Westerlands. Though the Crownlands will be the first to fall, Daenerys will strike King’s Landing because it will be weaker. Afterwards, she will travel to the North to meat King Jon Snow I, and discuss with him about the situation with the White Walker’s and the forces of the Undead. She will see that it would be easiest to marry Jon Snow and have him as either Prince of the Seven Kingdoms (not only because he is the Prince That Was Promised), but because he doesn’t wish to sit on the Iron Throne. Not only this, but if she marries King Jon Snow, then she not only has the entire North united behind him, but also the firm alliance of the Riverlands and the Lords of the Vale. She would negotiate that he would be acknowledged as King in the North while in the North, but a Prince while he is in the South and especially whenever and wherever in the presence of Daenerys. Bran meanwhile will learn how to psychically link with Rhaegal, since green is the color of balance and growth, as well as self-reliance and Bran’s personality type is “The Logician” which means that they pride themselves on their inventiveness, creativity, their unique perspective, and vigorous intellect. What we can see in Bran’s growth is that, though he isn’t all of these things, we have experienced that he has a more unique perspective on the sequence of events more than any other character in the books or TV show apart from Arya Stark. This is why he’d be best suited to have a bond with Rhaegal. Bran will first learn to fly only after he has established a psychic link with Rhaegal, similar to how Eragon only learned how to ride Saphira. He is one of the dragon heads of the prophecy, since he is one of the few who can ride them. It is not required necessarily to have a psychic link with your dragon before you ride it, but it certainly helps. Anyways, it will be during the middle of this union between the Targaryen’s and the Stark’s that the White Walker’s will burst through the wall with their armies. Sam Tarly will be the one who remembers that Dragon Glass is the only thing that can kill them, and Daenerys, through Lord Varys, will remember that Dragon Stone, seat of the house of Stannis Baratheon, was abundant with it. They will start equipping their armies with it, by replacing their steel arrowheads with Dragon Glass. Castle Black meanwhile will be taken by the White Walkers, who will use it as a staging point for further assaults. The weapons production around Dragon Glass weapons will be around the clock, taking place mostly in King’s Landing, Lannisport, Old Town, and High Tower. With all shipments being sent to White Harbor in the North. Since the White Walker’s don’t have ships or dragons, this will be the cause of their downfall. The Houses of the North will be isolated, yet resupplied along the beachheads of White Harbor, Bear Island, Winterfell, Barrowfors, Torrhen’s Square, Castle Cerwyn, Deepwood Motte, Hornwood, Ramsgate, Karhold, Last Hearth and the Dreadfort. The Greyjoy’s, Tyrell’s, and Martell’s will be responsible primarily for shipping more men and weapons to these strongholds. The Twins will be a very strategic land route through the Neck for food from the Tyrell’s and soldier’s from the Stormlands, Tarly’s, Crownlands, and Westerlands. Winterfell will become the central command and control center, but Last Hearth will be where most of the battles are fought, since it is one of the few places the White Walkers can immediately attack. A new border will stretch from Deepwood Motte in the West, drop down to Winterfell, move up north to Last Hearth, and end at Karhold. Karhold and Last Hearth will be attacked the most since otherwise the White Walkers supplies of Undead will run out since Winterfell and Deep Motte are too far away for the time being. They also would be able to strike immediately along the White Knife River down to White Harbor, cutting of the primary Stark port of resupply. Knowing this, Tyrion Lannister and Grey Worm will advise Jon Snow and Daenerys to fortify most heavily along the space between Winterfell and the Dreadfort, and from the Dreadfort to the Weeping Water all the way to the sea. That way, if Karhold and Last Hearth are by passed, then there is still a defensive line to protect White Harbor. This not only protects their supply line, but also forces the White Walkers to fight where the Humans want them too. This won’t matter since the White Walkers don’t care and with each victory they gain more soldiers and don’t care about food etc., but that’s where Daenery’s dragons will come to play. If the White Walkers are engaged in sieges, then all Daenerys has to do is send in her dragons to cut off the retreat of the White Walker forces, and then Jon Snow and/or Daenerys can attack from the left or right flanks. The only counter the White Walkers have is magic, which they would most certainly use against the dragons if possible, but there is no way that the White Walkers could have prepared for them, since there weren’t any really from the Dance of Dragons onwards. With the control of supply, control of the air, and defense in depth, the possibility of three fortified lines, the third being along the Fever River all the way Eastward to the Bite, Daenerys and Jon Snow are guaranteed a victory.

    – Jon V.N.

  28. Will Jon Snow have to kill Danny to become Azor Ahai and empower lightbringer to destroy the Others?

  29. even if Jon is born to rhaegar and lyanna …that doesn't make him a targarean right ? he is still a bastard coz R and L haven't married… so he is still Jon SNOW

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