Game of Thrones The Winds of Winter IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS – 6×10 – Season 6 Episode 10 -S06e10 Explained

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Published on December 20, 2016

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10 (6×10) The Winds of Winter was the most epic Season 6 Finale we could have ever hoped for. Easter eggs, analysis, things you might have missed about S06E10 are here!
The Mad Queen! It happened! Cersei + Wildfire were an explosive mix! But speaking of plus signs, holy crap, R + L = J confirmed!!! Tower of Joy concluded! R+L=J CONFIRMED! CONFIRMED!! That’s huge! Who is Jon Snow’s mom? Now we know! Lyanna Stark! And no Ned Stark isn’t his dad, Rhaegar Targaryen is! Daenerys is his auntie! Jon Snow, or The King in the North now, finally has parents! He’s still a bastard, but a Targaryen bastard now 🙂



SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR PATREON SUPPORTERS (who make this all possible), including:
Tajs Jespersen
Kenny Smith
Jill Prichard
Pony Stark
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Aliza “Da Great” Stein

  1. also the name could be Rhaegon or Raegon

  2. Jon will be Aegon the Seventh…..  Seven gods, 7 vs 3 at ToJ. 7 is a key number in GRRM's world.

  3. He said that line of bratheon's is dead, not true Gendry is still rowing around some where.

  4. Really well done, wonderful analysis.

  5. When it shows Jaime in the thrown room I immediately imagined Cersei blaming it on "religious fanatics" as she called them in prior episodes. The brilliant part of her scheme is very few people actually know the truth. With Tommen dying, although not part of her plan, will likely make him believe her lies even more. I am anxious to see the web she spins. I'll be pissed if it any of it gets leaked!!!

  6. robert baratheon is jon snow's dad i believe

  7. so i have this theory about Dany and her dragons….aand about the dragon egg in catacombs of winterfell.
    So i was thinking about what the three eyed raven said to bran about never walking but flying instead and thought that Bran could use his greenseer powers to control Rhaegar(dont remember the name) and help on the battlefield in season 7. And if the nights king really kills Viserion there would be three dragon riders in the show….but what if Jon goes to catacombs to see Lyanna maybe to show his respects and all but when he would touch something an hidden way would open at the back of Lyannas grave and there would be a small chest in a room with very old Stark banners on the wall's and when Jon opens rhe chest there would be an petrified egg and a letter from Lyanna which tells Jon his true parentage and in the end there would be a writing which tells about Rhaegar leaving something precious to his son….Jon would toss the egg to an pyre where they would burn all the corpses that were left from The Battle of the Bastards and just when Jon is about to leave the egg hatches and the dragon would be red with blue eyes….so whaddya guys think im not sayin this will happen

  8. Maybe Beyoncé unwittlingly predicted Game of Thrones, thehe


  9. Wow, what an amazing analysis video! When I watch an episode I notice a lot but it's great to have it so well spelled out and explained!

  10. does anyone know what the name of the theme at the start is?

  11. I'll believe R+L=J once the books confirm it. While it likely is, the show is going down a different route than the books.

  12. I wonder if Robb's Will will pop up? I think he made Jon legit and his heir.

  13. the warrior is gonna be the ser gregor. calling it now

  14. Any body else think that Lyana looks like Dany?

  15. Sansa might become a problem in season 7

  16. the Black Cells and the Red Keep are two completely different things. and she has been mad for a while now

  17. everyone likes to use the fact that ned is so angry and adamant of robert nit killing daenerys as proof that the baby lyanna has is Daenerys when truly hes so angry about it is because he knows that if robert still blames daenerys for everything her brother and father did is still partially her fault because she shares their blood then he knows robert would also hate and blame Jon and try and kill him just for the fact that his father is rhaeghar, and hes not a child hes just "Dragon Spawn"

    Also it kind of pisses me off that they use Daenerys visions in the house of the undying of the destroyed throne room as peoof that kings landing will be destroyed but then completely look over the fact that she also sees drogo and rhaego in the same strand of visions and that is obviously not happening.
    I mean come on this isnt the bible we cant cherry pick whats real and whats not. :P

  18. I just wanna point out that Sansa was of the Faith of the Seven like her Lady Mother, not the Old Gods like her Lord Father was. She prayed to the Mother most often, no? So I can't say she was being super disrespectful to the Old Gods (or religion) by saying she was done with it, especially given all the horrors she's had to endure even though she was, until recently, a faithful girl. We can appreciate that she's still relatively benevolent and good despite the things she's been through. She's just less naive now and is willing to take things into her own hands, rather than just praying her troubles away.
    Otherwise, I'd say this video was brilliant. It really exposed some little lingering things that I missed, and it's gonna be great to share it with friends. Well done! :)

  19. Don't forget that part of the prophecy the woods witch told Cersei other than her children dying and being replaced by a younger more beautiful queen was that she would be strangled by her younger brother. Is Jaime going to be a "kingslayer" AND a "queenslayer"? or is it going to be the slayer brothers, Tyrion killing Cersei. Wasn't there a scene where Tyrion says when Cersei feels she is invulnerable and happy and at the top, she will have it stripped away? My guess is that her peak is actually now, not when Geoffery was king. This means she will have it stripped away by Tyrion, but the only thing to be stripped away now is her queen status. Will she have the life choked out of her by a younger brother?

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