Game of Thrones – WHAT IF: Rhaegar beats Robert

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Published on October 27, 2016

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  1. K Dolo

    – The Starks would have had a spare pup.
    – Baelon likely would not have rebelled and thus Theon would not likely be raised in Winterfell.
    – Maggy would be proven as a shit fortune teller
    – Bran would have his legs, Tyrion his nose, Gregor his head and Oberyn his life.
    – Jon Snow would still be Jon Snow. He would not necessarily be legitimized.
    – Lyanna would not be made queen. Rhaegar still had Ellia.
    – Viserys would likely have married Cersi. Walder Frey would likely have gotten one of his kids hitched to the Targaryan name as well. The big winners would likely have been the Tyrells, with Aegon perhaps marrying Margaery. Rob Stark might be promised for Rhaenys as an apology for the harm the Mad King caused.
    – Jaime may well have gained his title as the Kingslayer. No doubt Aerys would not have gone quietly, even to his son. If the rest of the Kingsguard remained loyal it might have been up to Jaime to kill Aerys anyway.

  2. i know this is off topic but when lady o lena talks about the targeryan she was meant to marry, could that have been maester aemon targeryan??

  3. Dude, were you having a Fred Durst day?

  4. If Tyrion died, then The Vale would've on the list of Kingdoms that the Lannister's would be at war with.

    The Knights of the Vale would've went to aid Robb

  5. What if the Bolton men never caught Jaimie and Brienne on the bridge?

  6. You missed the fact that rhaegar was already married to elia martell, which means he cant marry lyanna, which make jon snow still a bastard and less likely for ned stark to swear allegiance

  7. Game of Thrones would have been really boring if this was the story to be honest XD though it would have been the perfect scenario.

  8. What if Tyrion wasn't a dwarf (and his father did not hate him)

  9. I wonder if it would have been possible for Dany and Jon to have fallen in love and married. Aunts have married Nephews in Targaryen past before.

  10. I think that Elia Martell would take over Catelyn's role as jealous mother and wife. Considering how handsome Rhaegar was I think no woman would accept the fact that he came home with a bastard son or just introduced a bastard son. The Martells (except Oberyn) might also dislike Jon as Rhaegar's bastard. And that might be the name he bears for the rest of the story instead of Ned's bastard he's just Rhaegar's bastard. He might be raised together with Aegon VI (the true born son of Rhaegar and Elia) and Lyanna Stark either ends up marrying Stannis who becomes Lord of Storm's End or she returns to the North. Bastard's are not so easily accepted in GOT, remember that.

  11. I can't see Ned ever bending the knee to a Rhaegar after what happened to his Brother and Father. Regardless of which king did it, I see him fighting on as King in the North if it came to it. Without dragons Moat Cailan is quite impenetrable (though no navy etc means the North would finally be conquered). Also, Arthur Dayne was a Kingsguard and man of honour, I think it more likely he'd die defending against Rhaegar in a rebellion

  12. Um Jon would be a bastard because regar would have still been married to Elia and Elias children would still be alive and still have legitimacy to the throne and I don't think they had such thing as divorce back then

  13. – What if Ned Stark took the throne instead of Robert Baratheon 20 years ago?

  14. What about dorne?!! They had their kid married to rhaegar! They would not have liked lyanna as queen!

  15. Why does everyone think Jon would be an heir to the throne? Even if he didn´t have to be hidden, he would still be a basterd. Rhaegar was married to Elia Martel. Why does no one seam to remember that…

  16. Agree with you on Ned Stark bending the knee. Ned was there only for the family issues. Raygar could fix those and deposed his father with the help of Ned. Raygar was a loved prince and many people thought he would be a good king

  17. I think I might have come up with a decent(ish) one…What if Petyr Baelish actually helps Ned in controlling the Iron Throne after Robert's death? I dunno…has this one been done already haha

  18. I think the ned stark would have rebelled (not bent) and there house would have been extinct

  19. This makes me want to see an alternate universe episode of GoT like they do in Star Trek sometimes. Not really, because it would kinda work against the show, but it would be so interesting.

  20. What if Catelyn never took Tyrion captive?

  21. WHAT IF: Samwell Tarly never leaves Hornhill to take the Black?

  22. Question: Is the War of the Five Kings still going? If not, what is the conflict currently going on?

  23. WHAT IF: Robb Stark bent the knee to Geoffrey?

  24. what if sansa never escaped kings landing

  25. What if Littlefinger died in the duel with Ned Stark's brother Brandon?

  26. Do you think Lyanna might've survived childbirth if Rhaegar had won? I'm guessing Rhaegar would've gone to her immediately after the battle, or at least sent a maester or someone qualified to deliver the baby. Still, that doesn't 100% mean that she survives. Also, what do you think he would've done with Elia and the Martells if he'd become king?

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