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Published on February 1, 2016

Kingwear GT08 Android SmartWatch


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Music from: album “Local Celebrity”

Soundcloud: Shaundeezy

Camera Used: Blu Vivo Air


Editor: iMovie

  1. The bt notifier ais in Chinese…. I don't speak Chinese. Is there another notifier app that would work?

  2. man im confused with mine just bought it and wen I try to play the radio it says plug in earphone

  3. can I add more watch themes to device ?

  4. Can u get apps/games on it if so then how do I do it

  5. will it connect with a LG 306g. does it have to be a smart phone?

  6. I took the screen light down to far how i get back up

  7. Great video!!! question.. Is this smart watch waterproof?

  8. I just order this watch off of the wish app, is there watches any different ? I have an iPhone 6… Will this work on my iPhone ?

  9. But will the video display on the watch without holding the phone all the time….

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