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Published on January 2, 2017

Acer Predator 17 gaming laptop review including a full suite of benchmarks for the GTX 1070 in a laptop.
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  1. cee128d

    Sorry, but you can't have it both ways. If you want the performance you are going to have to put up with a thick, heavy laptop to enable cooling and enough battery power. If you want it lighter and slimmer it will have to provide less performance. Just look at how badly MacBooks thermal throttle and overheat due to being so thin and light.

  2. bene w

    OMG man who cares. Just another laptop with fairly common spec. No need to do a video about it.

  3. AMD's new driver benchmarks?

  4. Love your videos, but don't like your shirt. I understand it's in the past but still kinda leaves a sour taste.

  5. Those cpu temps are quite disconcerting.

  6. TbatCPU almost reached the Temp limit. 96 C that tooooo toasty.

  7. Joker are ok? You look sad.

  8. Hi Joker, I will start working in the US next year, but will travel home to Europe every 3-4 months, I currently have a GTX 1070 and 6700k@4.7ghz, its in a Fractal Define S which is kinda big and heavy, I'm thinking about selling it and getting a gaming laptop, because this case is gonna be a nightmare to drag along, my question is.. Should I sell my PC + monitor and get a gaming laptop or look for a smaller case? BTW my mobo is ATX Asus z170-a… Thanks!!!! :)

  9. Talon

    90C on CPU on a 17" 9lb laptop with a freaking mobile 6700HQ i7 is pathetic! LOL. I have a 15" laptop with the GTX 1070, and a fully unlocked desktop i7 6700K and I can keep it around 60-70c in BF1 which is a very CPU intensive game. My 15" laptop is 6lbs and is running at 4.0ghz on all 4 cores.

    You need to get a real gaming laptop not these crap BGA books.

  10. Does this thing use 2 power bricks joker?

  11. Okay i cant get it, why the 17x model is more expensive when it carries 980 where this carries 1070 ?

  12. Strange. These benchmarks are quite a bit lower than the GL502VS with the same processor and GPU…

  13. lan syndicate tshirt hehehe …. rip tek syndicate

  14. floKKe

    Pretty sure the CPU thermal throttles due to bad thermal paste.

    This laptop can perform much better!

  15. I will never buy a gaming laptop ever again….they just get too hot and don"t last. Not worth the $$$…just sayn

  16. I have a Acer predator 17, but they originally came with 980m, all they've done here is slap a stripped down 1070 in it. Its a great laptop with a 980m gets the same performance in fallout4 as your 1070 variant, so I can't see the point in upgrading without a better CPU being used. Hopefully their next effort is a bit better.

  17. Dammnn that cpu is getting toasty hot!! One crucial thing you forgot to mention is the battery life- it's always gonna be 2-3 hours tops when there's gsync. Although I'm not sure if turning off gsync in nvidia cp improves battery life

  18. what the fuck? gsync support but only on an external monitor? what the shit? why would i buy a gaming laptop so i can use desktop external peripherals?!
    what a waste of fucking money at that price point and they advertise it as completely something else!

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