Hands-on with the $1,500 Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch

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Published on February 26, 2016

Tag Heuer has teamed up with Google and Intel to launch the Connected Watch, its first Android Wear timepiece. The Connected isn’t just any average Android Wear watch, however.

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  1. Androids are smart!! expensive smart watch!

  2. DOGE™

    Screw this! Just buy the luxurious Huawei Watch with an impressive AMOLED screen for less than half that price!

  3. pebble time FTW!

  4. Was thinking oh I might get that then he said the price smh

  5. How terrible. You are just paying for the name. The insides are the same cheap insides of any android wear or apple watch. A watch that is 1500 is usually 1500 because of the craftsmanship of movement. This has no movement and likely requires no skilled labor. How much do you think the manufacturing costs are on these? I would guess less than $100

  6. I think the Intel chip is not really help any performance improvement
    I think it's just a sentence to attract buyer

  7. 2 years later, add more $1500 you get a mechanical Carrera, while other smartwatches price plunges.

    The new mechanical Tag's Carrera cost around $3000

  8. World's most expensive TAG wristband.

  9. The trade in is a big deal as that will actually hold it's value, but a smartwatch won't.

  10. Çok kötü olmuş. Ekran yerine parlak sticker var gibi görünüyor

  11. Lol if you cant afford don't trash talk all over this new Carrera. Just buy your Apple watch and your Huawei and move on peasant…

  12. Ordered it just now. It's a cool and smart investment. Tag will give u a US$5,000 in a year for it and an additional US$1,500.

  13. people who are cribbing about expensive watch and rubber band should not forget its tag heuer brand smartwatch so it has to be expensive

  14. Man come on that looks beautiful but over priced.

  15. adx

    hideously ugly. My $200 pebble looks way nicer

  16. I Finn

    What in the hell makes this watch so damn special from the other smartwatches running Android Wear that I should pay $1500 for it???? smdh

  17. Yeah I'll probably get one, if it's not "MADE IN CHINA!" Seriously, if this watch made in USA even triple the price it'll be worth it! :-)

  18. first of all they should made high level SMART PHONE then high level SMART WATCH, what a stupidity

  19. where is the "fish"? why it cost so much ? what it can do ? waterproof ? why stupid people saying that this kind cheap crap can replace Swiss hand made watch , just F*** grow up!!! First of all go to nearest shop where selling proper watch and have feel`t then talk all nonsense !!! smart watch nothing new … same crap from 60-70` when introduce first quartz watches then electronic once…. and , AND ????? Swiss still making watches 🙂 you KNO*** 🙂 i just want to see all this smart crap after few years 🙂 all this have one big problem and all you know , battery !!!! Yep…. like phone , first it holds two days and after one year , you must charge every 3-4hours 🙂 true or false ?

  20. Do you guys not understand that tag are notorious for gouging people and producing substandard products?

  21. nice and look premium but sad its without the heart rate sensor…what a shame

  22. @Aqeel Bhat you won the interwebs!

  23. who the hell would buy a freaking $1,500 watch which is rubber ? I would rather get a moto 360 v2 watch

  24. what android wear version does it run?

  25. Nothing like analog watches. I don't think any smart watch should cost more than $500. Not impressed.

  26. What the hell ? This looks like complete garbage with the touchscreen. I thought it was going to be a hybrid watch but no .. A generic boring smartwatch. And fucking Android wear …

    Automatic watches Master Race.

  27. $1500 === PS4 + XBOXONE + 4K TV + Fallout 4 + Awesomeness! Tag Heuer LOL!

  28. people justify dropping 45 grand on a rolex that looks like a bedazzled spiderman watch but think the apple watch that has 100+ features is overpriced, not to mention one is soft gold riddled with diamonds and the other varies from aluminum, steel and enriched gold (which at 17K is still nearly a third of the cost of a rolex). In the end, your rolex is gonna get stolen easily, your smartwatch isn't. regardless of android wear or watchOS. People need to chill with the whole "Apple watch is overpriced" thing and "android is the better pick" because really with any watch it just comes right back to build quality and packaging.

    Just my thoughts on the subject…

  29. It's not a luxury watch it's bollocks. tag should he ashamed.

  30. Looks like a $200 smartwatch.

  31. I would take this watch ANY day over the Apple Watch!!!

  32. This watch looks gorgeous. The fact that it is compatible with android and ios is a huge win (since I tend to switch phones often). The size is perfect in my opinion since the 35mm watches look far too small and small is something you don't want when reading messages on a micro screen. Love Tag Heuer watches so can't wait till this watch goes on sale.

  33. Here's my problem with the price, yes it's a tag. I get they sell premium watches, but in 2 years maybe even less this watch will be obsolete. Then you have a 1500 paper weight. I mean if you have the money to throw around to have "the best" by all means go for it, but if I'm spending that kind of money I want something that can be handed down, or at least retain some sort of value.

  34. Are you kidding me ?! Are you trolling now ?! Please tell me you are trolling.
    Unsubscribe. When you get something worth reporting you'll earn my sub again.
    I don't even mind if you post some stinking Swiss cheese… but this is pure BS.

  35. Many cheap Charlie's posting … If you're expecting a tag for $200 your just an idiot…

  36. Hoda Aboulfateh

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