How Game Of Thrones Will End… (The Bittersweet Conclusion)

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Published on December 9, 2016

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  1. The white walkers are the corrupted first men. The leader is Brandon the builder himself.

  2. Can it be that Jon Snow will die because he's supposed to be dead anyway? :/

  3. Sansa will rule what's left of Westeros. Game of Thrones is based off of the war of the roses, and who won was queen Elizabeth the first, a fair skinned redhead.

  4. Jon and Dany go down in a blaze of ice and fire, taking the white walkers with them, and then Gendry (who learned to forged Valyrian steel) becomes king of what's left of Westeros, with Arya as queen.

  5. jon snow(ice) will be azor ahai and danaerys(fire) will be nissa nissa.

  6. The vision danny had in S2 E10 is gonna happen.. The perfect end would be that vision The Knight King sitting on the throne and before him a resurrected Jon, Daenarys and Tyrion. Otherwise let Petyr Baelish sit on the throne :D

  7. by bitter sweet ending he meant like lord of the rings at the grey havens

  8. Julia-6

    GRRM will Mass Effect 3 the ending. The created (white walkers) will always rebel against the creators (children of the forest). Bran discovered that there was a cycle with Hodor. All this has happened before and will happen again. Bran discovers a way to control the cycle. Daenerys can destroy the walkers, but the peace won't last… So, Daenerys will die. Sansa will die. Arya will die. Jon Snow wants peace and will make the ultimate sacrifice for it – it is the only way to break the cycle. Littlefinger will sit on the Iron Throne. And Sam will finish the history of A Song Of Fire And Ice.

  9. nymx

    the fat guy got laid i couldnt care less about what happens now

  10. my theory . there will be a big fight between humans and the white walker and jon will face the nights king and kill him turning him into the nights king and he will leave westeros back to the wall with his white walkers because thats the onlyway for peace

  11. Plurkk

    I am from the year 2788, I come to you to ruin your life.

    How it actually goes downin Season 7: Jon and Dany make peace, Thoros is killed, Viserion will get killed fighting W.Ws and he will breathe blue fire. Jon will escape and tell Dany, they have sex for the first time, and then Sam and Bran find out Jon's heritage: he is a legitimized bastard named Aegon Targaryen. The Night King will ride Viserion, and destroy part of The Wall, so he can cross. That is season 7.

  12. I've always felt that Jon will sacrifice himself somehow to save the realm from the White Walkers.  The Starks will be reunited, Jon learns his parentage, fights allied with Dany to save the realm, and will die in the end to save it.  I think Sansa rules the North in the end, with Davos as Hand and Brienne as Queensguard.  Dany is Queen in the south (with Tyrion and Varys and Missandei…I think they all survive).  Jaime kills Cersei and then himself, probably in front of Tyrion.  Sam helps resettle people displaced by the war in the various castles vacated by lords and along what was the Wall.  Littlefinger dies, probably trapped in his own machinations.  Jorah probably dies saving Dany somehow.  I hope Bran returns to Winterfell, but I have a feeling he might "do a Frodo" and leave the realm or something.  Arya survives, and does her thing.  She at least gets a family reunion with Sansa, Bran, and Jon, but I doubt she'll stay at Winterfell.  Theon survives the whole darn thing.

  13. I'm worried about the end. The only thing I am hoping for is that the show will not give us a end that will make me feel that the show owes me 7 years of my life!

  14. The question is, will it stop in Westeros? Or, will it continue world-wide? I pretty much am anticipating Westeros to be completely lost to the current cast. I'm kind of expecting them to go further east. I also think that Dorne will be lost as well.

  15. I agree. I think the biggest tragedy of these events will be the realisation that no matter the outcome, the cycle will continue ad nauseaum, even after the sacrifice of so many.

  16. actually, in an interview he said there are fans who did guess how things ended, so he isn't just intelligent, well he is.. but he knows his history which american's dont learn anymore.

  17. I almost think dany will have to die, just because her seeing her husband and child after seeing kings landing, then the wall, as though its a vision of, "ok first stop crazy queen, then go north, and then you'll be with your family at the end" but who knows. but it would be the bitter in bitter sweet.

  18. Just want to make some guesses but who really knows … Cersei dies because she deserves it, ditto Little Finger. Jamie probably dies for some reason relating to him possibly having to kill Cersei or let her be killed. Either Jon OR Dany dies but not both. Missendei dies because everyone would hate that. Brienne probably dies because she's in a tough line of work, but maybe not. Either Theon or Yara will die, but not both. Tyrion lives, Aarya lives, Gendry lives (if he comes back) Sam, Gilly and litttle Sam live, Sir Bron will live. Ghost probably lives, ditto Nymeria (if we see her again) Varys probably lives and Davos as well. Bran, Melissandre, Ellaria Sand, Olenna Tyrell and Sansa I have no guess. I have this weird idea that it would be fun for Sansa to be a wight in the end, but I doubt that will happen.

  19. What if the show ends with Bran waking up, after being pushed from the tower by Jaime Lannister. It would be a complete mindfuck, no doubt.

  20. bran will go in the past and stop the children of the forest making white walkers

    or bran will go to the very first human in existence and kill him. no problemo

  21. Can you make a video about death and resurrection in the world of ice and fire? Since both the Others and R'hllor can bring people back from the dead, and faceless men seem to both serve and cheat Death, what is the meaning and purpose of death in the series?

  22. jon and arya warg into their direwolves, Ghost and Nymeria, and run off into the north as the lords of westeros begin to repopulate after retreating from the whitewalkers to the very fringes – very few live

  23. Honestly, I hope the show will end differently. I want to be surprised when I get to the end of the book. I also like the fact that good guys lose often in the setting. Even in a world of dragons and popsicle zombies we can have that much realism.

  24. This definitely seems to the most likely explanation. Ever since Hardhome the Night King has been ready to attack the Seven Kingdoms. The most likely reason he even attacked Hardhome was to acquire more troops, the most likely reason he would need additional troops would be for an invasion of the Seven Kingdoms. The only thing he lacks at the moment is the ability to either get around the wall or to breach it. The only possible weakness is that wights (his main troops) are flammable and would therefore be vulnerable to fire arrows, wildfire and Dragon fire (unless the White Walkers have some unknown ability that would allow them to bring a dragon down).

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