How to Clean a Laptop (Clean My Space)

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Published on March 9, 2016

Laptops can get disgusting and according to some studies can harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat – so in this video we’re sharing some safe and effective tips to keep your laptop in clean and in tip top shape!

  1. I never cleaned it before… that's why i'm watching this xD

  2. I simply use a sanitizer and wipe with tissue for the whole thing.

  3. hello. I was wonder if it possible to use any of your tricks to actually clean up my cat?. He stinks badly. I have tried different shampoos but nothing!. Would you try this one?


  4. I need to clean my keyboard at work. It's gross.
    My laptop is ok, but it's time to get a new one it's 7 years old.

  5. The computer (and laptop) needs to be cleaned inside sometimes as well…

  6. I cleaned my laptop 7 months ago

  7. Can u make a cooking vid???????????

  8. I honestly never cleaned my keyboard..well not successfully, i popped of a key on keys are definately not as easy as yours

  9. Oh my god – what? Do NOT stick drain cleaners or ANYTHING up the ports or vents in your laptop! Seriously, they are basically a slightly fuzzy metal rod. You could damage your laptop or at least the ports. You could also damage you – even when turned off, your laptop stores a lot of electricity!

  10. only a real moran would put a laptop in a dishwasher. LOL :)

  11. Shmeg

    Here's my laptop cleaning guide: get a paper towel, wet the paper towel, rub all over laptop, profit.

  12. Gina R

    I don't even remember when I cleaned my laptop!

  13. my laptop was overheating so i vacumed it and now its ok

  14. Nahsor

    3:04 You're pushing dust into the computer!

  15. what about a mouse  for your computer .

  16. Everything seems very good except using the compressed air. While this is not that bad a way of cleaning your vents and keyboard, compressed air blows air back into the computer. You will clean most of the dirt using compressed air, but you will blow some dirt back into the computer. If you have ever seen the dust bunnies that can accumulate inside electronic equipment then you know after a few years you can have big globs of dirt blocking air flow and causing you electronics to heat up and work harder. I suggest using you vacuum cleaner tools and running that over the vents and keyboard. This will prevent the build up of dust inside of the equipment.

  17. Your videos are the best!! 🙂 love you 😉 subbed :)

  18. I opened my laptop and thought, "Gosh, this thing is so dirty." So being a big fan of CMS, the first place I thought to look was here! And what do you know?! It's one of your most recent videos! I thought that was awesome. Keep up the great work!

  19. Divya

    Hi I cleaned my laptop 3 days ago.

  20. Did mine a few days ago 🙂 This vid is very good.

  21. just wached the vidio so i am going to clean it now

  22. By the way, you should NOT use compressed air to blow out any vents you have on your pc or laptop. You will only blow it further into the laptop and create more damage. Always use a vaccuum cleaner on a low setting to suck the dust out without damaging any objects inside. :)

  23. Ahhh. This video caught me in my tracks. The last time I cleaned my laptop was last January. Actually, I bought this laptop last January. I never cleaned it like that before :XX

  24. I've had my MacBook for a year and honestly (other than wiping fingerprints off the screen) I've never cleaned it. I use a silicone keyboard cover though (bought mine on Amazon) and that helps keep the keyboard situation a lot more manageable :)

  25. Twice per week with windows solution, containing alcohol. Ten years and looks like new. Commercial name of the product is Clin for windows.

  26. Thanks for the tutorial. My only quip is that there is a comparison to the keyboard harbouring more bacteria than a toilet, yet the use of alcohol to clean the keyboard is 'optional.' Dish soap will not kill bacteria, it just allows the bugs to slide around more easily. If you want to get rid of any nasty bacteria, lightly follow up with the alcohol.

  27. can i clean my keys with something else other than compressed air. I can't get that in my country

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