How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

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Published on January 19, 2016

Is your laptop getting a bit old? Is it having a hard time lasting long? Well check these tips on what you can do to squeeze every bit of juice left out of the fruit…I mean… battery. =P

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Episode Credits:
Host: Linus Sebastian
Writer: Jack Sui
Editor: Barret Murdock

  1. Guys I took my battery out and of course it's not good for the pc it helps for days

  2. not sure this is normal but my GE72 Apache Pro (970M) lasts 2hr max while watching yt…

  3. When I know I'm using my laptop plugged in (which is most of the time), I only let it charge to 70%. This puts less stress on the battery compared to being fully charged for weeks. When I know I need battery power, I just tell it to charge ahead of time.
    If I need some battery time unexpectedly, 70% still goes a pretty long way in my case :)

  4. Tip #0 Dont upgrade to windows 10. If you have XP, its going to be your best battery life laptop EVARH !!!!!

  5. Can someone explain to me why the battery in my old Medion did NOT degrade? That thing is four years old and degraded by 2 (yes, two) %. It was a little bit bigger in the beginning (around 5% bigger than its design capacity), but still. It was not daily used mobile, but got quite a few cycles on it by now. Anyone got any experience with something like that?

  6. 5 year old is old….
    lol 😀
    i Have a vaio that is 9.5 yo 😀
    and still kicking, battery won't last a fraction of a second though :S
    but i mean even my laptop i can't even call old…

  7. i just close out all my porn at that seems to work

  8. my laptop is not shutting down properly …after even shut down the fans and keyboard backlight is running plz suggest me


    Iphone discharge faster than the laprop

  10. I am using a brand new lap top and the thing I was looking to find out was this…
    It's meant to be a bad idea to keep your laptop charging all the time, especially when it's fully charged.

    So what I'm doing is taking the power cord out when it's fully charged, letting it get low and then put it back on the charger.

    Is this a good idea, too extreme, or….what?
    I don't want to be running around doing things that need to be done, know what I mean?

  11. Manufacturers for the gaming laptops need to stop focusing on what desktop parts they can put in a laptop or what high end hardware. They need to try to improve the battery life. The laptop with the i7 4790k and a gtx 980m has 1 hour of battery life for gaming. Thats ridiculous.

  12. does it wrong Having a battery fully charged and the laptop plugged in ?

  13. I always have my changer in it, because I dont take my laptop away… lol
    Maybe it will affect my laptop, the continue charging…?
    Well… I always have 100% :D

  14. hmmn need dem laptop juices

  15. @NCIX Tech Tips What did I do to make my laptop battery last longer? Well, here's the exhaustive list. Let's hope I didn't forget anything. So this is for ASUS Zenbook UX32vd.

    1) Create custom power saving plans. Not just in windows but also using a software called ThrottleStop. Browsing needs very little power in order to work.
    2) Set screen turn off timer to lowest (1 minute). Let's face it, if you are taking a break and going to the loo for 3 minutes… You can save 2mins worth of screen power. Also use sleep mode as much as you can because with and SSD the wake-up time is measured in seconds. Hardly breaks any workflows with a timer of say 2-3 minutes. Hibernation, while good, a little slower. I use something like 10 or 15 minutes.
    3) Use two browsers. I picked Chrome for performance (all hardware acceleration and fancy effects enabled) and Firefox for maximum power savings (all aforementioned things turned off). Force Firefox to use integrated graphics, force Chrome to use dedicated GPU.
    4) Get a new wifi-card. While not a necessity, the newer one is usually more stable, supports newer technologies and in general uses less power to stay connected. Remember to turn off internet when you're not using it. During a lecture taking notes? If you really need to google something, just turn it back on or use the phone.
    5) Got a new SSD with low average power consumption in mind, that means low idle and low load consumption. Enable all power saving features on SSD (looking at you, Samsung).
    6) Clean and replace thermal interface materials in the system. While not exactly affecting GPU or CPU usage, this can affect how much your fans need to spin & consume electricity and general comfort in terms of laptop not turning into a hot plate.
    7) Reinstall windows regularly. I suggest splitting the storage to OS and data so that you can really easily spare your data but reinstall OS. A reinstall will clean out any useless programs that are running in the background that you've forgotten about.
    8) On that note: disable auto-start for all programs that you can. Autoruns is a good utility for that. Also disable automatic updates for all but most crucial programs. I actually go full manual on all updates, but then you really must remember to update all relevant things.
    9) Comes with reinstalls and disabling unused programs, but worth mentioning separately: remove bloatware from your laptop. You most likely will not need everything that the thing is shipped with. Some stuff is cool, like hotkeys for power states.
    10) Keep drivers up to date. Drivers keep getting better and while I don't have hard data on this I'm assuming that the increased performance of new vs old drivers will translate to power savings. Logic: it only takes X amount of resources to render something and if you can do that more efficiently, you'll be running your GPU/CPU for a shorter time for that task, which in turn would translate to power savings.
    11) Yep, did purchase a new battery after a few years.

    Browsing battery life:
    …when purchased: 4.5h
    …now: 6h

    High performance gaming:
    …when purchased: 45min-1h
    …now: 1h-1.5h
    This here I'm attributing to fans, SSD and removed bloatware.

    Writing without internet on:
    …when purchased: ??
    …now: >8h

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