How to install Remix OS for PC / Laptop [ Easy Tutorial ]

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Home Computers & Laptops How to install Remix OS for PC / Laptop [ Easy Tutorial ]
Published on January 20, 2016

In this video, I will show you how to install Remix os 2.0 on PC / laptop easily in 5 mins.Remix os for pc is based on android lollipop 5.1.1.
Remix os for pc download-
remix os Usb tool-
Usb 3.0 pendrives India-
Rest of the world-
System Requirments of Remix Os.
An 8gb Pendrive with 20 Mbps Read and write speed.
A PC BIOS with USB legacy boot option.

Text Tutorial
Download Remix OS for PC package and then unzip the file.
(Use WinRAR to unzip it )
Insert pen drive to your PC.
Open Remix os USB tool click on browse.
Now browse the .iso file that we extracted from the zip file.
Click on ok
Click on Reboot your PC.
Press F12(PC)/Option(Mac) while booting and enter Boot Menu.
Select USB HDD or Usb pen drive option.
Select “Guest Mode” or “Resident Mode” to start Remix OS.

Official Link-
How to install remix os in mac-

Review of Remix OS.
After using remix os for almost 1 day here is what I have to say.
Remix is super fast, smooth one of the best android experience on pc.
As remix os is an alpha stage.There are some things which are not working.
Screen recording apps are not working.
Some games like Clash of clans , Talking cat are not working.
Crashes sometimes on load.

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  1. can i delete windows and boot remix os on residant mode directly from my hdd?

  2. hey bro if i wanted to play nova 3 on it so how would i play?….

  3. How to Install PlayStore on Remix Os-


  4. Hii in my pc I selected resident mode its does not entering in resident mode if I choose tab button it's show something can help u plz!!

  5. I got it running from a 4.5mbps usb2.0 , but its slow as hell! should look for a faster drive, or maybe I'll partition my hard disk. thanks jay!

  6. Does this OS support connectivity for a USB datacard

  7. Will my pendrive become unusable after that?
    means can i transfer files from other devices evn if remix os is installed?

  8. Noob here. I did mine quite differently though. With windows 8.1 already installed, I used the software called "MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional Edition" to create a 32gig ext4 partition. Rebooted pressing F12 to boot menu(Gigabyte mobo) selected the remixos usb drive and pressed enter. Selected the resident mode and press "tab". You will be presented with a line of commands, add "INSTALL=1 DEBUG=" without the comas. Press enter and it will boot the normal Androidx86 installer. Install unto the 32gig ext4 partition you created and remember to select the windows boot. Now i'm using remixos alongside windows8.1 with 32gigs of space. :). This method worked flawlessly for me using legacy boot. I hope it helps someone.

  9. Hi Jay
    please let me know the camera and video messenger will work because when i install bluestack camera doesnt work

  10. after doing all of this ony lenevo laptop the mouse pad isn't working…so I can try the system, how can I fix the mouse problem? thanks!

  11. Checking data partition and process repeats. any help will be appreciated

  12. Meh

    How can i install it from the usb not just run with it cause the old laptop doesnt have usb 3.0

  13. Can anyone tell me the difference between EFI version and Legacy version and which to use.

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