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Published on January 14, 2016

Simple hack to open up your smart tv so you can watch hundreds of iptv live television channels free. Hbo, cinemax, showtime, encore, tnt, tlc, bet, bravo, espn, nba, fox sports and many more.

Download Code converter here:

This is a comedy channel, therefore every video feature here is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks and happy watching !

  1. I have a LG and I am trying to jailbreak it but the code converter app doesn't not come up

  2. Hareth

    da hek????

  3. Accent should be a dead give, period!

  4. can we get channel 32 its the usa channel?

  5. it is a joke . i got an OTA antenna for 30 dollars. scan air channels and i got the same you showed. i believe your converting thing is just useless

  6. Do I still connect my comcast box when I change the code

  7. Why it doesn't work on Sony smart tv?pls help. Thanks

  8. I don't know what all the clowning around is about,This guy has been right on about all his other leeds .Ill repost if it dont work thank you for comments .Everyone's T/V still working after trying this?

    • Finesse

      My samsung tv blocked the word code. Is there another way around it.

  9. OK I take it back, it removed all the scrambled channels on my tv and yes i get them all now. note you still have to have cable, i just have a basic package now i get every freaking one now.

  10. My remote doesn't have search Sonia how I do it

  11. Wow,, I am glad I read the comments first,, before trying…. hahaha.. but nobody's satisfied until they attempt it..

  12. Hey man! All I saw was Miami and Fort Lousydale TV stations on this video, and all I can imagine is, this is where you are from and you don't get any other stations. What's up with you man?

  13. have a vizio 2015 60 inch smart tv. could not find search?thanksken

  14. I cant access my tv with this code 1891, is there another code ?

  15. Pj B

    The app is on My TV but the keypad that comes with app will not allow me to input or change to numbers so sad any suggestions?

  16. well for a lil while i thought it was going to work as i was able to enter the code and all but then i still got nothing. Did i miss something?

  17. Gary

    The codes work but no channels

  18. B

    I have a Vizio 70inch and can’t find search on remote, am I missing something?

  19. Dry Hump

    how do I download the code converter?

  20. Denny

    I followed your instructions but no channels came up in have a Samsung smart tv

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