How to make custom Smartphone Case

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Published on November 24, 2016

Make your own custom case skins for your smartphone.
I print this pictures on photo paper in photo studio to get better quality, also you can do same just ask the photographer to print the pictures in dimensions which you will give him.
Personally this cost me about 2.70$ for 12 pictures.

  1. justt lovedd it……………tysm bro <3<3<3<3

  2. Where's the plastic shell link

  3. bro nice wallpaper name of the wallpaper app

  4. Adee _

    From where to download that images??? I need that iron man thing

  5. awesome!I was actually gonna print the photos but this is easier,cheaper and I can change it whenever I want

  6. SHANU

    can you tell me from where you download wallpaper

  7. man that's so cool

  8. Loved your Idea Andrew

  9. Ni Cole

    great idea. nice

  10. its not gonna work for curved phones, the paper gonna fold in some undesirable ways

  11. Hey andrew, which version of photoshop you are using ? Can you please give me the link where you downloaded it..

  12. awesome idea but when I try to add a picture of Cristiano Ronaldo the photoshop says "program error could not complete your request" please help me with this. I really want to make custom back cover.

  13. wow it's really cheap and it looks great on my phone

  14. can't I just send u like 3 or 4 pick and u make them for my galaxy s6 edge phone number I give u like a couple bucks…

  15. You've got yourself a new subscriber!

  16. which type of paper u use for this??

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