How to Mirror your Android Phone to a Windows 10 Laptop without any Applications

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Home Computers & Laptops How to Mirror your Android Phone to a Windows 10 Laptop without any Applications
Published on January 27, 2017

Learn how to connect and mirror your Android phone to a Windows 10 laptop with the Anniversary Edition installed without having to download and install any additional applications. Use this feature for presentations or other business functionality. See for more info.

In this video I also show how to use PowerPoint and annotate on the slides from your mobile phone while projecting on the PC. Obviously, if you are using a projector to the PC, you can then project what is on your phone to the projector for your audience.

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  1. Actually my desktop tells me it's NOT able to connect that way at all, there are no other options.

  2. I just did this for teaching!

  3. does this need to be connect to the same wifi

  4. Not working on my device …

  5. I can't find the app on my windows 10. RIP; all I see in VPN connect thing

  6. I can't cast my NEXUS 5 phone to ASUS Zenbook ux305fa
    on my phone I have this after clicking Cast button (Enable Wirelss Display is already checked) :

    Enable listen mode
    Enable autonomous GO
    WPS configuration
    Listen channel
    Operating channel
    I had not this menu above before

    and I have of course this
    ASUS (Wireless display) ==> when I click on it, it gives me Connecting and on my laptop : Android_ff7d is about to project

    but after a moment the connect app on Windows 10 gives me this message : Something went wrong with the projection.
    Any solution please ?

  7. Z4kro


  8. it says without additional apps but if you have to download something, IT FUCKING IS AN ADDITIONAL APP. dumbass

  9. my laptop has a password how do i go in when i dont even have a password pls reply

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