How to Solve Loud Laptop Fan Noises Caused from Overheating

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Home Computers & Laptops How to Solve Loud Laptop Fan Noises Caused from Overheating
Published on October 18, 2016

This video will help a beginner or novice computer repair tech service loud fan noises inside laptops that usually suffer from overheating caused by a dirty and/or blocked ventilation system.

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  1. Excellent instructional video. I wish I was brave enough to dismantle my Acer laptop.

  2. This video came right on time! My Toshiba laptop has had the loud fan problem for months, and now it's overheating. I told my Dad, who used to service laptops, and he told me to replace the fan. I was a little freaked out at the idea, so to buy time, I started using my husband's newer Toshiba laptop. We've only had it since Christmas, and yes, it decided to start making THE SAME NOISE. I was in a mild state of panic until I checked my e-mail the other day and saw this video in my YouTube digest. I've watched your handy tips and now feel ready to try disassembling my machine. (And I'm going to vacuum my husband's laptop vents and stall the job there if I can.) As a side note, thank you for describing the type of screwdriver you use. We are still building up our tool inventory and haven't yet bought one that works for tiny screws. I will use your advice and get a good one. Especially since we now realize fan vent problems go along with owning Toshiba laptops. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being so detailed and easy to understand.

  3. Bird nests are all around our property, but have yet to see one like yours.  That was really neat.  We have a couple families of blue heron on one side of our pond.  They do a good job of picking up fairly good size twigs on the ground for their nests, but don't seem too picky on color :)

  4. don't let them get to you you do awesome videos

  5. It is definitely useful video. thank you very much for great help

  6. Can you do a follow up video on the TV antenna?

  7. Very nice teardown/repair video. At work I order the EliteBook series of laptops and the difference between the consumer and enterprise laptops are so different. With the Elitebook series, the bottom panel comes off and you have access to the fan, SSD/HDD, RAM and everything else without having to tear into the laptop like the consumer versions.

    Keep up the great videos.

  8. this long disassembly time is why i use mobile workstations

  9. I've done this many times and an egg carton works good for screws. Great Video!

  10. WFMG


  11. hi Steve all your videos are great,i'm an old baby boomer and been watching and subscribed to channels for years they are informative easy to understand. keep up the good work

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