How to watch Showbox on your Mac – Laptop – PC – June 2016

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Home Computers & Laptops How to watch Showbox on your Mac – Laptop – PC – June 2016
Published on December 30, 2016

TawcTech shows how to watch showbox on your laptop. We do this using Google Chrome (the internet browser). You have to install Arc Welder and the link for this is below. We then download the latest Showbox APK, the link for this is also below. You will then be able to watch showbox on your laptop, mac, or PC. There are some issues with MX Player wanting to download on some movies. You will now be able to watch free movies, films and TV series straight from your laptop.

  1. can u help me please I've downloaded showbox on android and it keeps saying check the internet connection but my internet if fine

  2. Hey… I downloaded kodi and followed very step but I pulse didn't work… it downloaded pulse lite and all the addons didn't work… could it be that the build you used is from the UK and I'm not in the UK?

  3. hey tawctech I have shoebox on my android phone and the music section isn't working, it says "sorry but the search is currently unavailable" and it's been like this for months, do you have a fix for this and if not is there an app that provides a music service for free like this?

  4. showbox os basically dead try newest movies hd or cartoon hd or tv portal

  5. Doesn't work. When it launches Showbox I just get a black window with a puzzle piece that has a sad face. Using Win 7

  6. im not getting any luck, i get the sad puzzle face once i click test

  7. take it that ARC plays popcorntime and other apk files too?

  8. most of the movies will play with server 4 others will have to be downloaded

  9. tried to install but every time the same message comes up "connection error, check your internet connection". i don't understand

  10. Everything went absolutely perfect until I pressed 'start' and then it just refused to go any further, it wont load its literally doing nothing,please help :(

  11. i dont have apps on my bookmark help please

  12. iam not getting anything to work I keep getting the sad puzzle when I click test can you tell me what do to fix it

  13. Arc welder doesn't work it downloads nothing in the bottom left corner of the screen help!!


  15. WTF takes me to another world

  16. Hey, is there an updated version of how to install showbox to pc being that showbox for android is working again. so many complain this way doesnt work. i wanna make sure before i start downloading stuff, plus do i have to download arc welder, what about bluestacks?

  17. If it ask for MX Player, why not just install it, like I did with my Android Phone, when I installed it, a few months ago, or will it not work now, or on a laptop that way, just wondering, seems like if it did work, you wouldn't have to go out and back in till it took it off. But honestly thank you so much, I look forward to checking out some more of your videos, really awesome, I was just curious about that.

  18. im getting a sad puzzle piece face when i try to open a movie

  19. stuck at adding arc welder on chrome. it says "checking" and that's it. did not move/change after that.

  20. Moz Ali

    Do I have to do this test on ARC welder to open it back up every time I want to use Showbox (there's a folder that gets extracted onto the desktop. do i delete that after I'm done using showbox as it will come up every time I do the ARC welder test)?

  21. ojcavs45

    Does anyone know how to fix the connection error?

  22. BubblePK

    Hi Tawc Tech. I followed your instructions. Showbox launches, goes through all the motions and everything does as it should (searches, updates, favourites, etc).

    The problem is when I select something to play: I get the black screen with the sad puzzle piece in the middle.

    Any suggestions please? I'm using Windows 7.

    Many thanks

  23. Hi I am getting an error message "no available free space on SD Card"… on my laptop

  24. Every time i try to install arc welder, its says manifest is invalid. What does that mean. Somebody please help

  25. Nihal

    i cant download arc welder it says error occured

  26. once i click test nothing happens

  27. Thank you if really works…… Great job

  28. shit works, just don't be a muppet, follow what he does.

  29. Many thanks. Is it possible to download to USB rather than stream?

  30. it says i dont have internet conection, and my internet is fine

  31. I deleted all the files that were showed in the tutorial and there are 2 showbox icons that won't delete

  32. When I try to launch showbox, it's same as your's, but some icon pop up and cant get it started? what could be a problem*

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