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Published on November 11, 2016

Hey guys, check out my full review on the 2016 [ easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B013US0M5Q” key=”small-light” locale=”US” tag=”tech-reviews-pro-20″].

Is it worth picking up? Lets find out. 🙂

Thanks for watching.


Intel Core i7-6700HQ
Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M
15.”6 Full HD 1920 x 1080p
1TB 7200 RPM Drive with 128GB M.2 SSD
720P HD Webcam

$1029 US


Music – Birocratic Summereyes

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  1. I have the hp pavilion gaming notebook, and let me tell you – the cover DOES NOT bounce like a trampoline, and the quality of build is very good for a plastic notebook. you are way to harsh on that laptop, as a proud owner of one, I can tell you that you are wrong in every single thing you say about it. Its also a flipping beast at running demanding games.

  2. when it is going to release in India

  3. Juan Dlc

    my spacebar isnt lighting up like the rest of the keys, is this normal??

  4. Dennis

    You helped a lot! A proper review! Thank you!

  5. hey Andrew I'm looking for my first PC or laptop and I want a laptop so which one would be better between the omen and the lenovo y700

  6. I can get the PC Specialist Cosmos V 17"(i7 6700HQ, 12gb Ram, 120gb SSD, 1tb HDD and 3yr gold warranty) for £901 or a 17" HP Omen with almost the same specs for £90 more from John Lewis.. I have to say I'm more drawn aesthetically to the Omen too. Anyone know if PC Specialist laptops worth the buck?

  7. Andrew I've been looking everywhere to find thorough reviews of the affordable gaming laptops and thank goodness I found your videos. Can you make a quick comparison between the 3 HP series Pavilion, Envy and Omen? I asked HP sale rep and all they said was "cheap, average, gaming" and no more valuable advice. I mean you can customize the HP device before buying anyway, so with pretty much the same memory, hard drive, graphic cards,etc. which series perform better? I don't play game, but I need a good laptop for 3D animation which needs similar specs too. Thank you!

  8. I am planning to buy a laptop for my gaming purpose and office work also. my budget is 1000$ to 1100$. suggest me a good gaming laptop for the above mentioned budget ?

    My choice: HP Omen.

  9. The color brightness and contrast doesn't matter to me I use a separate monitor and keyboard


  11. Nice Unboxing Man!, Try Play Overwatch in this PC! 🙂 Liked

  12. i found one and it has 16gb ram,i7 6700hq,nvidia 1060 6gb

  13. Is it just me or does he sound like sernandoe

  14. wew i want make my au102tx look like this

  15. The build quality of this laptop is pathetic. I'd rather go up another 500 to get a real quality laptop by MSI.

  16. Does someone know what is better for music production omen x or macbook pro? I want to buy omen with 16gb ram

  17. Hey guys does anyone know how to turn on the keyboard lights ? Or if they even turn on?

  18. Love this review. It's gave me all the info I needed! I want this laptop but I've been reading bad reviews of sticky keys and other various problems. :/

  19. Nice video! do you think this Notebook will be good for playing Battlefield 1 without framerate problem?
    Thanks ;)

  20. This is better than the Laptop Y700-15isk lenovo?

  21. shanthan's lap and it's world top most lap

  22. You do the best computer reviews, keep up the good work

  23. Major

    Can I upgrade the ram with ddr4 2400 mhz knowing it has ddr4 2133 mhz ram???

  24. Does it run Overwatch, COD:BO3, and Tf2 alright? Also, is there a way to get a longer battery charge, and is it VR ready?

  25. really disappointed with this purchase. i bought a mid-end one without an ssd but with the 965m and the fan is already making a bloodcurdling noise after 2 months

  26. the backlit keys look like the ones on the star wars special edition.

  27. some other tech you tubers make the tech you are into looks trash but Andrew make it really good.

  28. On this HP laptop can you run dayZ on about medium settings on around 35fps? I'm looking for a 1000£ laptop or lower I don't have enough space for a desktop and I go out travelling a lot is it worth buying.

    Also can you play GTA v on medium

    Only just found out you channel and I like it a lot already.

    Ps- keep up the good videos!

  29. Can it handle well with (this is embarrassing) minecraft?

  30. Does HP OMEN is comes with multi touch??

  31. i'm thinkin about the new omen 17" with gtx 1070
    worth it?

  32. so i am considering upgrading my computer to a new gaming laptop. I have my eye on this one. I plan to be buying play anywhere games for xbox one/windows 10. my question is whether this laptop is worth it or not and whats the difference in a reg 2tb hdd with a 128gb ssd versus just having 2 of the 128gb ssd? I am still trying to learn more about SSD on computers and the differences they have with regular hard drives. I also plan to use a gaming computer as my only computer so I would be storing files and music/movies on my hard drives too. any thoughts or advice about this would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.

  33. I am so confused on which to buy, dell inspiron 15 7599 or HP Omen? please help me choose guys

  34. i got a omen… i love it BUT one thing make sure u update the graphics card driver cause on WOT i was getting 10fps then i updated and got 55-60

  35. which is better hp omen 15-ax000nx or hp pavilion 17-ab000nx ?

  36. hi andrew, im just little bit conffusing with this pick up..
    i got 3 choices
    1. this HP OMEN
    2. Asus ROG GL 551 VW
    3. Lenovo Y700
    which one better?
    thanks before 😀 i like your review for this one

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