HP Star Wars Special Edition Laptop Review

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Published on February 2, 2016

What’s up guys, here is my full review on the HP Star Wars Special Edition notebook. Enjoy 🙂

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Intel Core i7-6500u
Intel HD 520
8GB RAM (expandable)
15.6″ IPS display 1920x1080P


Here is the link for the base model without the 940M GPU

Music –

Siren – Run Away – NoCopyrightSounds

  1. I have mine orders from Aaron's I should have it Saturday or Tuesday at the latest

  2. my mom just bought this. Sad that I can't use it.

  3. what's a better laptop this or the brats version

  4. Can this run all games on ultra ? 30-60 fps

  5. any laptops with the same specs but on a lower price

  6. $879 is steep for those specs?? Then what laptop with those specs costs less?

  7. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me tips, I have this laptop but can barely run games at 18fps

  8. When he was playing Gta v was the laptop recording?

  9. Is there a non-starwars version???

  10. kuba j

    Hey, is possible to set backlight keyboard by pushing FN+F5 or only option is F5 . Please help :)

  11. This is gonna be my new laptop I'm May I can't wait!! I wonder how it runs games like csgo, minecraft, GTA 5 and team fortress 2

  12. someone want to give me a list of games that this notebook can run ?

  13. Hey, I need to question people more knowledgeable than myself. I came here for the Star Wars, obviously, and was considering this laptop to replace the one I have already. I wouldn't be using it for gaming (I'm a playstation girl) but would just be using it for university work – is it worth the money? I can't just spend almost £600 on a laptop purely for the design, it would have to be able to carry its weight.

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