I don’t Envy those who buy this sleek HP laptop

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Home Computers & Laptops I don’t Envy those who buy this sleek HP laptop
Published on June 10, 2016

Read the CNET review: http://cnet.co/1RtegNP
The HP Envy 13 is a great-looking laptop, but we know a better one.

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  1. Touchscreens have no place on laptops if you ask me. Lack of battery life is a bit worrying, though, but that's a sacrifice you make for portability and reduced weight.

  2. Envy 13 is £650. Spectre is £1000. I wonder which one…

  3. The 360 is currently unavailable in the UK, only direct from HP at £1100, the envy 13 is only £650 at the moment. Is the 360 really worth the extra money?

  4. why is the LED Beze so think…

  5. I don't like the weird tabs at the bottom of each port.

  6. eazon

    I think its just really hard to recommend anything from HP.

  7. The biggest thing I look for in laptops is windows 7 compatability. If I can't wipe off 10 and go with 7 or 8.1, I don't care about it.

  8. Ha my laptop has 17 hours of battery. It's a Toshiba Z20t.

  9. His voice sounds like an automated recording lol

  10. Once the PCMasterrace may have made me like this

  11. The title's pun was bad…

  12. I think I'll take an XPS 13 instead.

  13. I see a steam Icon, did you really try playing a game on that low spec pc?

  14. I have both a MacBook and the x360 he recommended. MacBook is wayyyy better.

  15. imagine if you could flip your notebook into a tablet, useless.

  16. Better than mac for cheaper, whats win win.Sstop acting like a douche its getting old now. Hated CES coverage all bc of your douche attitude.

  17. did anyone else notice the old iTunes icon on the desktop? when was this video made? and why does it have old software on the desktop?

  18. 9-BBN

    Linux all the way!!!

  19. W ON

    I'm an apple user but this review is b.s. Battery life depends on what you are doing. Gaming, photo video editing and such will kill your battery quick. Plus this is an ultra book geared towards those who don't want a touchscreen laptop nor care if it turns into a tablet. Those that do should just get a surface. Seriously a bad review.

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