I just smoked a smartphone —CES 2016

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Home Mobile Phones I just smoked a smartphone —CES 2016
Published on January 21, 2016

The Jupiter IO 3 is a 3G smartphone that costs $299, runs Android KitKat 4.4 and is also a vape. It claims to have 16 hours of battery life, thanks to two batteries, one to power the phone and one to power the vape.

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  1. u are a master smoker dude

  2. This is like satire of the current decade

  3. guky667

    stop saying smoke. there is no burning in there. only heat. it's vapor, not smoke. god dammit :<

  4. who gives a rats ass

  5. next videos gonna be how to make the fattest dab

  6. mehh. android 4.4 paired with vaping tech from like 2009 no thanks.

  7. Why are people making vaping cool, it's retarded to smoke you stupid mouthbreathers

  8. wednos

    I'd be surprised if more then 3 people buy this

  9. If the device was placed on the bottom part of the phone, you could also smoke and talk.

  10. the ignorance regarding prototypes AND vaping in this comment section if off the chain

  11. А чё слабо просто бросить курить.

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