Insane 10-Core Gaming Smartphone (2016)!

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Published on April 4, 2016

This are my impressions of possibly the Best Gaming Smartphone of 2016 – The 10 Core, 4GB RAM, 6 Inch, Acer PREDATOR 6

  1. shit. Shouldn't have bought an LG G Flex 2. Well, it probably still annihilates it on price, since here in Brazil I found a truly amazing deal for a new G Flex 2, and would probably not get that chance with such a high-end phone like the predator 6. But we'll see, perhaps I'm wrong about what price this beast will have.

  2. a 10 core cpu I wonder if this thing Wil pack a laptop grade gpu and I really hope the 4 gb of ram is incressed to 6 or 8 you went over board with the cpu why not the ram and gpu to

  3. is it for sale? If so where?

  4. a 10 core gaming phone? yes

    a 10 core gaming phone with slide out gamepads? no

    seriously, i hope this phone companies start to realize that in order to play games we need "proper" controller not just high spec chips.

  5. Let me guess, it won't be available on Verizon network>

  6. Useless without proper controls.
    btw, it looks ridiculously ugly. I don't understand why "gaming" devices always have to look like this. -.-

  7. Dont want one, only runs Android. Can't run x86 games and that's a deal breaker for me. Windows 10 or GTFO.

  8. it uses a helio x20 which has a shitty GPU. Even the s6 has a better GPU than this one.

  9. Maybe good on the inside but from the outside it look's stupid

  10. What game was on the tablet thumbnail?

  11. Feaking loved the vid bruhh keep em comin!!

  12. how does this match up with the k1 shield tablet

  13. What will the Price be in GBP (Great British Pounds)

  14. what is the name of the game on your screen video please?

  15. What about the doogee f7 it has a helio x20 but only costs 169.99 dollars and is going to be released in February!

  16. most android games are trash anyways besides deus ex the fall so its useless for now lol

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