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Published on January 24, 2016

Tutorial – How to install Kodi on your smart TV.

This is a comedy channel, therefore every video feature here is for entertainment purposes only. Thanks and happy watching !

  1. I love how it says your file is 211.70kb you stupid piece of shit

  2. C'est une blague ça ne marche pas !

  3. H.H Joe

    Gag…..Don't Try It

  4. So it wouldnt be a app??

  5. Roc101

    this shit don't even work

  6. i have mac book laptop, so which one should i download, ?? windows or os?? or anadriod

  7. when i tried to do this  on my tv i go to the sorce button but there is no place to slect  all just  videos   or photos or music  can u help me thanks

  8. can yopu install "Genesis" on the smart tv once Kodi is downloaded?

  9. What if you have Isengard 2?

  10. I think you have jumped the gun. How do you go from web to usb and go to source and select usb. Explain in detail setp by step to install kodi into smart Samsung tv. (Going to source we have to close web, after selecting source we have to open web and start all over again and again) kindly explain setp by step like 1,2,3,4 on wards. This will help any lay men.

  11. Can your Smart TV record anything playing on it to that 2 TB hard drive?

  12. why don't you show people how the download is done…….. no answer???????

  13. there is a easyer way just conect your laptop with a HDMI cabel to your TV :)

  14. If you read the video description,it sais"this is a comedy channel,entertainment purposes only".so put the dam controller down and go back to watching pawn stars

  15. but 660000 views.. how much youtube money is that?

  16. Ummm, Mr. Tuberlmas…You REALLY need to finish the last step! I'm on the Xbian page BUT what do I click on next to download the program? "Download page w/installers' ; "Getting Started" or further down on the Raspberry Pi? AND THEN AFTER THAT HOW DO I DOWNLOAD IT ONTO THE THUMB DRIVE? Darling, you REALLY need to finish your tutorial.

    PS. Just curios, does the lmas on the end of your handle mean "laugh my a*s silly '-)

  17. hi
    would you mind explain how you install the file because you skip it

    thank you

  18. After installing Kodi on smart tv. Do I have to keep the usb on the tv for Kodi to work and what about updates to Kodi

  19. tenia que ser cubano!!!

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