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Published on February 1, 2016

Motorola offers solid discounts on Moto X Pure Edition + Moto 360 bundles
– Nextbit Robin to ship February 16 to first Kickstarter backers http://pocketnow.com/2016/01/07/nextbit-robin-backers
Huawei Mate 8 reportedly reaches 1 million Chinese sales in under a month
– First foldable Samsung smartphones now tipped for H2 2016 ‘introduction’
– A dual-camera iPhone 7? There’s an Apple patent for that

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we discuss Motorola’s recent deals on both the Moto X and Moto 360. Nextbit is next as the company is sending good news to early backers of the Robin. Huawei follows with the Mate 8, as we get news on how many devices have sold as of yet. Samsung follows, this time because we’re tipped on when to expect the first foldable devices this year. We end today’s show talking about the iPhone 7 and a possible dual-camera module.

All this and more after the break.

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  1. i mean my htc m8 has dual camera…..

  2. Regarding apple what really matters the most to me is that they improve the damn battery life. And maybe it allowing me to use a smart pen for notes and sketches

  3. Wow. When my peers said that history repeats itself, they were telling the truth. So did we not move on from foldable flip phones? Or did we all forget that quick and easily on how much tech has grown and where it grew from? Smh. I would have expected tech to not go back, I would have expected for a phone to be expandable to the users own per fence at any given time, or have a 3D projected type image from a smart watch to be your new handheld device. Where you can touch and change, and have a projected 3D image of a screen that doesn't have to be small, large or huge, but to your prefence, but this is just a repeat of you ask me.

  4. Foldable…why?
    We got out of that era…why are we going back in?

  5. I dint mind as long as the photos are beautiful and sharp in detail

  6. Yes, a dual lense would be fine. I was miffed the iPhone 6S didn't get OIS, so bring on the improvements.

  7. Sean

    Why do people keep asserting everyone's thieving everyone else's designs? The smartphone is a rectangular, flat piece of tech with a screen on one side and either a piece of metal or plastic or leather on the other. There are only so many different designs that don't look stupid. I mean, do people want circular smartphones, or maybe a triangular piece of cardboard?

  8. as far as it manages to clicks awesome even a 4 lence camera will also do

  9. Dual lens could be good if done right. The idea of dual is not the bad thing. It's the execution that counts.

  10. Apple filed a patent on dual lenses, a concept that already existed way before they came up with it….shocking!

  11. David A

    Fucking Apple probably will make it work right, unlike the others – still, Samsug S6 Edge is the sexiest phone around and with a kick ass camera and a gorgeous screen. Apple products work well but are boring, nothing exciting since the iPhone 4.

  12. You don't have to apologize for the noise Jaime ! You're delivering us Poketnow Daily even if you aren't at home, where you can work correctly ! So, thanks a lot for bringing us these news ! For many years now, you helped me being ahead of my friends with those rumors! Keep up the hard work !
    You are one of a kind ! (in a good way of course 🙂 )

  13. forget the gimmicks, people want good price and good battery. either of them on apple. camera they got right at least.

  14. maybe the dual lens is for 3d video recording, and has a 3d display similar to the Nintendo 3ds but million times better. heard it here first

  15. And Apple will claim they invented dual lens and caii it revolutiomary

  16. I wouldn't mind if It has a dual-lense camera, it just needs to take great photos and look good with the design of the phone.

  17. That's such a shame about Motorola, always liked their phones.

  18. Does dual lens really make a difference, as long as it's Google quality and not in the way of hands. It's fine.

  19. Jaime, how come the ending of your videos sound exactly the same every episode? Are you a humanoid?

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