Is a $150 Laptop Worth It?

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Published on January 14, 2016

With full Windows 10 is a $150 laptop worth it?
Lenovo IdeaPad 100s:

While there have been really solid Chromebooks below $200 cheap Windows laptops have been few and far between. Lenovo aims to change that with the IdeaPad 100s, an 11.6″ laptop that runs Windows 10 that’s a true budget piece of tech under $150.

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  1. my school next year is planning on giving everyone a lenovo Chromebook. which i think is better than giving Ipads like other schols, because a price of $150ish to around $500 for an ipad, the kids in my school, arent very … trustworthy.

  2. I agree with Austin the lenovo keyboards are amazing

  3. I've got an Acer ES1-512, intel celeron N2840, 4gb of Ram and 1tb and its just about perfect for computing between Classes or when I'm not at home where I let my Desktop do the gaming and heavy work.
    There is a market for sub £/$150 laptops

  4. This laptop looks nice, sadly its 250 euro here.

  5. The webcam looks almost as good as the MacBook potato cam :P

  6. I'll be honest here: it looks better than most laptops I've seen.
    Remove the weird bumps where the monitor is and maybe add some under-key illumination and it'll be sweet

  7. It's 270 dollars here, almost double! Would it still be worth it or may there be better alternatives?

  8. This is the perfect Remix Os book :D

  9. I'm early let me tell a joke

    Windows 10

  10. it's for secondary machine e.g. for school or work or just for fun

  11. Can't seem to find this in Canada ~.~

  12. Canabal

    honesty not bad if think about it only 50.00 bucks for the hardware, windows 10 100.00 for software not bad at all.

  13. Tyler M

    it looks so fucking good though

  14. TechNow

    I don't know whether to be critical watching this 150$ laptop or not. Because who would take a 150$ laptop seriously lol..

  15. the only popular guy on youtube I have seen that actually reviews the low end devices, Its nice.

  16. +Austin Evans Can you try to xbox one game streaming from the xbox app? Microsoft said that you could do it on cheaper pc's since all of the graphics are being processed on the xbox one and not the computers themselves. It'd be good to see how it performs on cheaper laptops

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