Is Samwell Tarly Narrating Game of Thrones? FAN THEORY (SPOILERS)

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Home Games Is Samwell Tarly Narrating Game of Thrones? FAN THEORY (SPOILERS)
Published on December 3, 2016
  1. This is total BS as having a SAM be the teller of the Epic fantasy story has been done before IN LORD OF THE RINGS. I don't think george RR martin would do that sent his own creative work down the tank just has a nod to tolkin.

  2. This theory could be the 'bitter sweet' ending George has been talking about.

  3. N Olson

    But wouldn't he be writing in first person, were it his narration, kind of how Ann Rice wrote Lestat's story. He would narrate in first for his parts, then outside for the rest.

  4. Keep up the great work, Harpy. Your posts are how I'm surviving the long night till Season 7 and/or WoW is published. ;-)

  5. This theory makes sense too if you consider that Martin, who is telling the story, said Sam is the character most like himself. Maybe that was a clue? I have not read the books, so maybe Sam's character is better there, but his show character is getting on my nerves. He has been talking a big game as he gets more confident as the show goes on, but still repeatedly falls on his face because he doesn't recognize his accomplishments are more dumb luck then skill. I'm OK with characters that talk big but back it up, and I'm OK with characters that fall flat on there face, I personally have my fair share, but the combination of those attributes just makes him look flaky.

  6. I just learned James Faulkner plays Sam's father. He was a cast member (Herod Agrippa) in I, Claudius, which is one of Martin's influences for this series. Bet Martin was very pleased with this. Is Randall Tarly to be Cersei's hand next season? Loved your prior video mentioning Randall may be coming after Sam to get his sword back

  7. JG R

    just for the fact that the story is told by POVs, it's certain that it's biased

  8. AK 47

    You know nothing… The only character I can think of, making a narrative as witty and complex as GoT is Tyrion Lanister. He is one of the few character who does not see the world in black and white or a fight between good and evil. Well, except for his depiction of Cersei… His arch-enemy since the day he was born. The clues are everywhere…

    1. Cersei is portrayed as a total nutcase.
    2. Jaime is portrayed not as a villain. Despite incest, pushing bran from a castle window and his king slaying past… his character is depicted as honorable in the story. We all know how much Tyrion love him.
    3. Tyrion is the only character who have been in all the places in the story.
    4. He met and talked to all the major characters, starting from the Starks in the north to Daenarys and the Dothrakis across the sea.
    5. The narrator seems to understand the power struggle, complex maneuverings, politics and cynicysm of the story. In short, he understood the rules of the game… of thrones.

    To those who theorize that Tyrion is destined for greatness, they are partially right. Not by becoming the ruler of Westeros…. but by writing the greatest story ever told.

  9. Reese M

    Hey harpy I have a theory for you I haven't read the book's so maybe I don't have this right but wasn't lightbringer the sword of azorahi made after the guy stabbed his wife in the heart.I think dani aka the fire will die in the end by that sword and Jon aka azorahi will pull the sword from her on fire to defeat the night king drogan will be the only dragon to survive and bran will warg him and fly off into the sunset let me know what you think or make a video thanks man love your stuff

  10. The rings basically are explained to be from the citadel to shine light for those who would read back in the day. So i believe it is a maester writing the events into the history book or it may be narrated through a maester currently reading.

  11. That would explain all the lies (The Hippo killing one of the Others, the Bastard being a good person), and inclusion of all the Tarly scenes in spite of them being boring as hell….

  12. If Sam is the narrator then let's hope he's telling this story to the heir of Jon Snow after Jon's death to give the new King some wisdom as his maester

  13. Ben A

    anyone else think ayra is fucking hot when she kills people.. omfg I bet her little pussy is just wet when she does… I want to sink my cock in it  SO BAD !

  14. I agree. Is that the same reason Sam is chubbier and if you put beard and aging effect he more looks like George RR Martin.

  15. "There and back Again"
    -By Sam Baggins

  16. Its even possible that Sam's older version we see at the end of S8 is actually George RR Martin.. similarities?

  17. Why did they decide to stuff the rest of the show into just 14 episodes again?

  18. Pod is telling the story lel

  19. I can't see this, if Sam was the one telling the story, and we're assuming a World of Fire and Ice style thing, then why do we have POV chapters? Does Sam also connect to the tree-net?

  20. yeap, i want to see the old aging sam played by George RR Martin :)

  21. I've been stating this theory for at least two years now….

  22. Sil Ja

    In my eyes ASOIAF doesn't really have a single narrator because it's a song, i.e. the medieval way of telling stories. Maybe someone wrote it down, but it's something to be sung, not to be written.

    I've had the following theory for a long time now: We, the readers or viewers, are not the addressees of the story. The actual addressees are the people inside the storyworld, living quite some time after the events we are watching/reading about. Those who survived…
    They are listening to legendary songs of heros of the ancient times like people in our world did and do to the Nibelungs (Nibelungenlied). And because it's legendary material, it justifies the existance of magic, dragons, and so on…

    And because history (and legendary history, too) is always written by the winners, Jon Snow is the hero, the leader too good to be true. Because of the bias you mentioned. I think this perspective is pretty clear evidence, that he ist going to be on the winning side at the end.

    And by the way: I think that GRRM sees himself in Sam or created Sam kind of representing himself. Big guy with books, anyone?

    What do you think?
    BTW, love your videos

  23. ROB P

    Sams son

  24. What if the last chapter is
    "This is my end, the long night will devour us all. the people who I hold dear are fallen and die… this is my time. No one can stop this madness. this book soon will be an artifact beneath the ruin of citadel'
    Samwell Tarly

  25. I don't know how literally the "narrator" he could be as it is a bit odd how he would know some of the conversations and things that happened with other characters but I like the Idea in some way and I'm pretty sure Sam is kind of based on GRRM himself and he wrote himself into the story.

  26. Maybe baby Sam is the narrator.

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