Jaqen H’ghar has a MASSIVE plan! THEORY (Game of Thrones)

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Published on December 23, 2016

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  1. i think the book would more likely be about the details of what happened in valyria to cause the targaeryens to leave

  2. I keep wondering HOW did a man, as skilled as Jaqen, enden up locked and bound for the wall? where he CASUALLY meets Arya Stark…

  3. In this show… I don't consider anyone dead unless I see a body (and even then… thats not a absolute. I'm looking squarely at you, Jon Snow.)

    you see, we never saw Syrio's corpse.
    with all the brutality in this show, they'd never shy away from killing a well liked character as graphically as possible just to increase the impact.

    he "died" off camera because his story is not over yet.

  4. Is the Iron Bank like the Illuminati of their time?

  5. Dux 56

    No matter how much I resist, I always find myself watching these potential spoilers

  6. you forgot to mention that the coin the alchemist gave Pate had a kings likeness that Pate wasn't familiar with. meaning it was "old currency"…probably cast by the golden company in essos.

  7. That would be so cool

  8. Just wanna point out that the alchemist says" a STRANGER, no one, truly"… the stranger is the one of the seven gods that's most associated with death, just like the many faced god

  9. Game of Thrones is by far, the best series in the world. In fact to say that it is the best series in the world is an understatement.

  10. Maybe yuron greyjoy is a faceless man

  11. what if theralchemist was really Aria. She already saw Hagar's real face, and her stealing a key of that importance has more probability than hagar's stealing it

  12. Dylan

    So Jaqen found a way to hatch the dragon, but he sacrificed it and stole its face. But for a dragons sacrifice, he gained strong magical powers so he can now morph into a dragon himself. Possibly all the faceless men. They are the ones that burn the iron throne and stop the army of the dead. Becoming kings of the new world, able to mold it into whatever they see fit.

  13. vkollur

    I still wonder what Jaqen was doing in Kings Landing? and how he was captured for the great faceless man he is.

  14. u have 5-6times more views then your subcribed member

  15. what if hes aryas former sword teacher also i forgot his name he was teaching her how to use swords

  16. You said in another video that, in the prologue of book 4, the mysterious man that killed the boy who gave him the key in Oldtown had curly hair and a scar in his right cheek, which matches the description of the new face Jaqen had when Arya left Harenhal. Euron has a scar in his left chick in the series. Still, can Euron still be one of Jaqen's faces? Afterall, he returned from the east.

  17. Jaqen was Syrio Forel…..

  18. plot twist: Arya is still a faceless man. She is just now playing the part of Arya Stark because she has to go kill Jon or Sansa… hence why he smiles at her when she says she is Arya.

  19. Pete bit the gold dragon he was given like most people did in the books. the dragon had poison on it so he died.

  20. OMG I just figured it out!!! HE (the faceless one) is the MAIN driver of the whole story!!! It was HE who used different faces and roles to turn events in the direction that they went!!!! Is it possible that he is trying to restore the Dragon Queen to her father's throne and managed to use a massive civil war to his advantage?

  21. Pate died, it is known. He bit the coin that had the poison on it, same way Arya killed the merchant during her faceless man training.

  22. Anybody else really disliked Aryas story in the house of Black and White? Really annoying and frustrating

  23. Professional rail one conclude amid.

  24. Maybe the faceless men do not like the others because the never truly die. they escaped death!

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