LANNISTERS VS STARKS – Seven Kingdoms Total War [Game of Thrones] Gameplay

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Published on January 2, 2017

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  1. dartzu

    I hate how mods in newer total wars don't have campaigns anymore. I really hope CA wisens up and makes the campaign map moddable in future total war's

  2. is your favourite faction lannisters

  3. custom siege maps?
    That makes or breaks this mod for me

  4. battle of bastards!!!if you read a Books whispering Wood or Oxcross

  5. lionheart you should do more live commentary videos

  6. seems pretty dumb for them to not let the largest total war youtuber to cover their new game…

  7. They should put Robb on dire wolf lol

  8. this looks awesome!! can't wait to play it!! just downloading it now

  9. mister lionheart, i was following your third age installation guide and ive come to a problem, my game wont load third age even though it was renamed Teutonic

  10. the models are first modeled in zbrush i think

  11. I don't know if this mod was transferred from Rome 2, but the thing I liked about the Rome 2 version of this mod was that you could get the leaders as single units which made it more fun and Rob even had a dog with him.

  12. lionheart why dont u reenact some of yout ck2 battles with this

  13. is it going to be put on the steam workshop?

  14. *casually plays Rains of Castamere in the background

  15. 13:02 stark is right there in the middle(the only 1 without helm)

  16. Lionheart Imagine a Seven Kingdoms Total war coming out just Imagine 😀 (it wil never happen but still) ?

  17. maybe it will be john snow vs randal tarly, john is trying to protect sam

  18. Rert 78

    Hey Lionheart the legion is slaughtering PA on call to arms tonight. :)

  19. hey, if there is a campaign mode for this, would you consider doing it?

  20. Pod

    Is it just me or is Attila extremly badly optimized? Like, I can run 10,000+ man battles on Rome 2 and warhammer etc very easily on ultra, but I cannot run 5,000 men on Attila on max performance….nice

  21. Oh shit I thought this was for Rome 2 and don't have it yet. So downloading now thank you looks cool

  22. Im the only who thinks that the Lannister will loose a lot of soldiers cause that stupid goofy looking helment?.

  23. Fish VS Lion river crossing. The mill that ground the mountain down!

  24. freych1

    Are all the units the same stat wise?

    Like are Stark Heavy swords the same as Lannister Heavy Swords?

  25. try and do a red wedding. when the starks try and fend off a fray, Bolton host


  27. Robb Stark looked a little bit cross eyed :-/

  28. Kresse

    Omg why did you play as lanisters?

  29. If you can LionHeart, battle of Pyke, or maybe even Sunspear.

  30. All the northern generals VS the tyrells Lannisters and freys

  31. Why don't you want Game of thrones music in the background?

  32. Please lionheart, for the love of R'hllor fight a battle as the one true king Stannis Baratheon.
    Bringing justice to the pretenders of course

  33. Baratheon and Stark vs Lannister and Tyrell

  34. Oh my God: This mod is awesome: Where can I get it and does the mod cost anything ?

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