Laptop Buying Guide 2016 – Best Overall Laptop for 2016!

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Home Computers & Laptops Laptop Buying Guide 2016 – Best Overall Laptop for 2016!
Published on January 22, 2016

Here I feature the Best Basic Laptops for 2016
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MacBook pro 13 –

Dell XPS 13 “Skylake” –

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 –

Lenovo yoga 700 & 900 –

Microsoft Surface Book –

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  1. Nakz S

    what about UX305UA?

  2. please tell me about buying a laptop on Amazon. good idea or not?

  3. I love the Dell ones, but they are always to small.

  4. hey there , thanks very much for the video , I am planning to buy a laptop which is powerful enuf for most of the games out there and also be able to run Photoshop smoothly. I don't want a dedicated gaming laptop though. please help me as I am planning to buy one within next 20 days. i think this is the correct vdo to ask this qurstion though .thanks again.

  5. the razer blade stealth is also gonna be good when it releases

  6. Great music choice

  7. Please do a Gaming Laptop Giveaway, I always wanted a Gaming Laptop but I never even when close to a cheap gaming laptop($190 I think) $6(my money)

  8. I still have to see somebody who can really give impartial and unbiased advice. You definitely don't know what you are talking about. A macbook pro without dedicated graphics can run very good games actually because of its server grade hardware which you don't find in any other laptop.

  9. Would a higher end MacBook Pro 15 inch run games better? And how would it do running games on boot camp? Also what is the difference between the 2015 and 2016 models? Should I wait for 2016? That is one of my biggest concerns.

  10. ….value for money seems like a good review to make too

  11. what about the HP spectre x360??? please reply and merry Christmas

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