Lenovo Ideapad 100S Review: A $200 Budget Windows 10 Laptop!

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Published on April 1, 2016

The Lenovo Ideapad 100S is a cheap $200 Windows 10 laptop aimed at those looking for a Chromebook alternative or someone on a tight budget. Check out my review to find out how far $200 will get you.

  1. Adam L

    can you upgrade the ram?

  2. down to $150 at your local Best Buy.
    A few things I did,
    1 use headphones, much better quality sound than the tinny speakers
    2 disabled the touchpad, and installed a wireless mouse(my preference, trackball mouse)…so that the touchpad doesn't accidentally move things around .
    3. Deleted some of the pre-installed software, which it actually didn't have a lot of
    4. got rid of IE, downloaded Firefox.
    5. didn't use the pre-installed anti-virus , downloaded AVG instead

    TBH, for $150, it's pretty good so far

  3. No 5Ghz wifi? Thank you so much for that info. I was just about to buy it but could not see the specs regarding wifi, and now I will stick to my Asus X205T.
    Thanks again.

  4. Sorry but this thing you may as well buy a Galaxy Note 8 which can cost the same or less depending and actually runs faster and more stable and also has wacom technology for drawing.
    I bought the 100s thinking it would be a wonderful little machine for browsing and using my desktop wacom tablet and use drawing applications. Well that wasn't the case at all. I had issues with some websites where I could type and watch the text fill in delayed and I do type slow at like 30wpm.
    Even really old games like Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 which ran like a dream on a P2 with like 512mb RAM could hardly run on this… O_o? I dunno why considering my previous amd dual core ran the game farrrrr too fast.. heck even the celeron based machine I had before that ran it faster. Anyways
    There was alot of delays, hiccups, slow moments. The machine for being what it is just ran too slow. And for all that you can do on it, you may as well buy a tablet.

  5. I just need a Laptop for school and study works which runs office perfectly and offers sone browsing too. would you recommend?

  6. I have one in red, it is pretty decent. I paid US $109 at Best Buy (open box). Not as nice as my Macbook Pro Retina, but it works for what it is.

  7. would I be able to download Microsoft Word in to this Laptop?

  8. Very helpful thx will be purchasing one of these

  9. what is the different with 11.6 and 14?

  10. How would these fair running Debian or Xubuntu using i3 or xfce? In normie terms, can you install linux on this laptop?

  11. Anyone at all used Steam in-home streaming with this?
    How does it handle?
    Have you used in-home streaming on something with better performance? If so, does the 100S stutter, have more lag, etc?

  12. Can it run retro game console emulators with out a problem?

  13. I own one of these and I have to say for what I payed I am extremely impressed. The salesman in store tried to tell me 'oh you'll want to kill yourself' but I'm sure he was simply trying to get more money out of me. I bought the laptop for school as it is barely noticeable in my backpack and lasts forever, and it has been running great for nearly three months now. I seriously recommend this laptop to anyone who is on a tight budget but needs full Windows.

  14. How do you know if it's fully charged? All I see is white light above the keyboard, nothing else to indicate if it's fully charged or midway charged.

  15. Good review. Any idea if MKV files would run fine on this? I watch a lot of movies on VLC.

  16. Holy Crap! 181 likes with no dislikes! Good Job Man

  17. Do you have a video on how to reboot the laptop?

  18. Nice Videos, but I would recommend buying a used Thinkpad x201/220.
    I bought a x201 several months ago for uni, and it is perfect.
    I just put in a SSD and I am running arch linux.

  19. Got it for $150 and I love it, for gaming I use my consoles but this computer is perfect for college, movies and videos running on 1080p 60fps no lag, Netflix, Spotify etc…Its perfect for the price.

  20. A $200 Windows laptop is no longer a surprise any more.

  21. I got one on boxing day for $286 (NZ) and its usual price is $448 (Still NZ.) Its an awesome deal for a windows 10 laptop.

  22. Great video! You deserve more view and subs.

  23. Ins Lee

    Anyone know if Starcraft 2 will work on the very lowest settings, or any other Blizzard games? I don't mind lag too much, I just want it to actually work.

  24. Nice review! Keep it up. I bought this one out of curiosity 3 weeks ago, mainly to keep track of my mails, some office work and internet business when I´m outdoor´s or on the road. I´m very surprised with it´s multitasking capabilities. No problem with handling 2 programs side by side, while having chrome browser open with 5-6 tabs and playing a hd video at the same time. With 30-40% brightness, mixed tasks and wlan on, I get around 9 hours out of it. At full brightness it´s also usable outdoor´s. The price here in europe is 250€, but I´m definitely impressed.

  25. Wow that's so cheap! Did they send this to you to review? Congrats on 20k 😀 Hope I got some of my viewers to subscribe to you!

  26. I just got this device over the holiday season, and I am thoroughly enjoying the system! I got this unit from the Lenovo website, and the keyboard has practically no bounce; it is great. I use this for web browsing and word processing, since gaming doesnt really work on this thing. Overall, this laptop is great for its value! If anyone has any other questions, I would be glad to answer.

  27. Cons in this video are greater than the Pros but nonetheless it's great for the price Lenovo is offering. It's great as a secondary device or for someone on a tight budget! Awesome review and subscribed.

  28. Love the video! Btw I highly suggest taking a look at the dell Inspiron i3531 it's a very good cheap laptop.

  29. Not too bad. Awesome review as always Matt!

  30. This guy should have 100.000+ subscribers! The quality of his videos are amazing!

  31. Nice one Matt! Seems like a good budget option for some light duty usage.

  32. hey dude what an amazing video man keep it up

  33. Asus EeeBook X205TA is a much better option.

  34. in june I bought the nextbook flexx 11 from Walmart for $227. It is almost identical hardware wise, and I use it daily. I like seeing a well known brand selling computers at this price but I would rather spend the extra $27 and buy a flexx 11 because it has many other features, it is a 2 in 1 after all.

  35. yesterday it was only $117 on best buy but its to late. so….

  36. That keyboard bounces. :/ I mean, i know it is cheap, but at least they could have fixed it…

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