Lenovo Yoga 700 Review – A Hybrid Laptop for Gaming

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Published on March 7, 2016

My review of the Yoga 700 2-in-1 Laptop. A hybrid laptop good enough for gamers. Enjoy!

A comprehensive review covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive gaming performance tests.

Is the Yoga 700 worth it? Who is it really for? What is it actually good for? Which is better the Yoga 700 or Yoga 900?
Watch this video to find out! =)

More info: http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/lenovo/yoga-laptop-series/yoga-700-14/

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  1. Hi, may I ask if it is okay to keep the laptop plugged in at all time when I'm at home and using it? Or should we just unplug when the laptop battery is full and recharge it later?

  2. hi Dave. really nice review, I want to compare this laptop with the Dell inspiron 7000 2 in 1. could you review it as well.

  3. What I hate about this device is the proprietary power plug. I could not find a 12V DC car charger for a reasonable price.

  4. please review yoga 710 14inch version as soon as you get your hands on it :)

  5. You should also review the Dell Inspiron 15 7559. The graphics card is a little better that the one used in this one.

    Keep up the good work! :)

  6. Heya, it's not a GTX grade GPU.
    The GTX Grade would be the 950M and higher.

    The 940M is OK-ish, but the 945M would be ideal.

  7. excuse me, i want to ask you a question, but maybe its a weird question, how do you get all that stuff i mean laptops and pc, do you buy it or you borrow it from somewhere?

  8. It's actually just GeForce 940M. GTX GPUs are more powerful.

  9. Hey! Will this lap perform well when using Photoshop and several tabs of chrome?

  10. This is a great college laptop. I have the thinkpad version of this laptop and it is great for light gaming and taking notes throughout the day.

  11. hey dave ,I really love the way you review. could you tell some idea about Lenovo E450 (core i7 with AMD R7) , is that good for everyday laptop like gaming or studying ?

  12. Fantastic reviews man…..enjoying every vid of urs

  13. Hi Dave, I was wondering if you've done a review on the 2016 Lenovo think pad? I really like your reviews! Thanks man.

  14. Is it good laptop to play video, also listen music, write email, also read book, also calendar, alarm in the mourning, too, as well.

  15. Hi Dave, can you do a review of the new thinkpad x1/x1 yoga? Thanks!

  16. You need more subs, dude. Your vids are amazing

  17. Epic channel Dave!!!
    Does the Yoga700 have the same measurments as the Yoga500-14? Can't find this information anywhere..
    Thanks in advance

  18. you've reviewed the yoga 3 pro, this (yoga 700) and the Spectre x360, will we be seeing a review of the Lenovo Yoga 900 ?

  19. Iony M

    Hey Dave, Thank you so much for your great job. I love your reviews. I was looking to buy this model but most of the "expert " reviews were not helping me. I guess they expect the perfection. but for most of us, normal users these things you talk about in your reviews, are the ones that counts. thanks for helping me decide. I will buy this for sure. Blessings and keep up the great work!!!

  20. Great review!! The one hour though for gaming kills it for me. My Dell 7140 with 5Y10 lasts four hours when straight gaming (but have the keyboard with built in battery too- three hours without keyboard). It plays Call of Duty 4 and other older shooters smooth.

    If mobile PC gaming is a priority, the one hour battery life makes it no better (or worse) than laptops with better cards. Actually, that seems kind of low, since graphics stress test averages for similar laptops and better cards is about two hours.

    I almost got this device from Lenovo for $700, but with the i5 6200U, 256gb and 8GB storage and GT 940M. Current sales special linked at Slickdeals. You saved me from spending the money!!!

    Will stick with my mini me Dell 7140 for now. It plays Dolphin emulator and MAME games smooth, so will choose much battery life over being able to play a few more games at better settings.

  21. can you game on minecraft and also suck my toes

  22. can you run minecraft smoothly

  23. how much ram can be put in the one slot? also what speed is supported for ram 2133?

  24. You have a french canadian keyboard. This is why the enter key is not at the same place.

  25. Hi, I just went through a bunch of your videos and I really like the way you review, that being said will you be doing a new MSI review? Or could you possibly do a review of the MSI Apache series? I am looking into getting a new laptop but I'm one of those people who actually wants an optical drive, blu-ray preferrably, and the battery time doesn't really matter to me since I always run it from a wall socket anyways. Any new reviews or suggestions would be sooo appreciated. Subscribing now! :)

  26. hey Dave, really thorough review of this piece of nice machine. thanks for sharing.

  27. I really like the animation you put inside this video and the detail like the number of ram slot, the glossy display, shallow key travel. Keep up the good work.

    Mine is Yoga 500, with atheros 956x wi-fi card has a driver issues under win 8.1 / 10. it only able to download / upload at max 1 megabytes / sec, even when copying data between computer. Under linux, it's normal…. weird.
    I've solved this problem by installing older driver in my case is but is also working anything above or below that will not work.

    Keytravel is very shallow, it's not the best thing to type on, i prefer external keyboard when i can.
    I think it has so many driver issuse with win 8.1, like the autorotation button doesn't work, but that's fine with me, i rarely use it like a tablet, but the touch screen really help in many occasion.

    The best thing about lenovo in general i think the battery conservation mode, it'll only charge your battery until max 60%. It'll benefit you if you use it as a workstation kind of laptop. It also has a quick charge mode beside normal charge.
    But i really like the fact it's really slim and good looking laptop eventhough it's heavy. I think it's also available at other color like white, silver, and red / orange.

    I usually play dota 2 with this, at low settings, 1080p, it's usually stable at 65-70 fps. when maxing out the settings it's usually 25-40 fps, yeah it isn't a gaming laptop, but you can use it for light gaming, maybe LOL or other.

  28. Can U Review Dell Inspiron 15 5558

  29. H.P Le

    New lenovo laptop with old lenovo logo? hmmm

  30. Hey Dave, What about the new Y700 skylake? Would you mind reviewing that?Thanks.

  31. + Dave Lee Can you tell us what you do when you get a new laptop?How do you do the setup and do you do any stability tests?

  32. $900 ?  how about the editing ??

  33. Would love to see a review of the Lenovo Thinkpad P50 or P70

    The specs with an Intel Xion and nVidia Quadro seem incredible (plus it's a Thinkpad) but they're a bit of an investment and there aren't many reviews on them

  34. GT940M is too weak,this machine would be better with GTX950M.

  35. JD

    Hey Dave love your work man but come on, time to up the anti with games and start playing more demanding games like gtav black ops 3, h1z1 etc that's what gamers want to see if it can play, the from above games and CS mobile is not really reflective of what gamers of 2016 are playing.

  36. single ram we saw, is the computer have single channel ram configuration? if have single config. is it big deal?

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