Lenovo Z2 Plus Smartphone Frequently Asked Questions

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Published on October 19, 2016

Lenovo Z2 Plus Android Smartphone Common Frequently Asked Questions I answer 15 of the common questions I was getting regarding the Lenovo Z2 Plus in this video.

  1. hi ranjit! I m not able to download my software update on my z2 plus. On Wifi it always say servers are busy and on mobile data when i try it it downloads a little nd then stops. I m trying to download it for past two days! Any help? You faced any such issue?

  2. did we switch apps during calling please reply

  3. did Z2 plus lost it's signal on data connection please reply

  4. z2 plus @18k vs Mi5 @ 20k
    which one is better.

  5. Does this zuk z2 show up any heating issues.? I am a gamer. how will that affect me.?

  6. hi Ranjit i have a query regarding Vibe X3 vs Z2 leaving Snapdragon 820 aside. but looking at the Dolby Atmos etc etc please give in detail review.

  7. sir lenovo z2plus is better than the moto play 32gb and i have one more ques which mobile better under 15k overall.

  8. Does it have gorilla glass on the front. How is the build quality.

  9. hi ranjit can I root zuk z2 without voiding the my warranty

  10. guys I am using this phone and it doesn't support volte

  11. Is there professional mode in the camera of z2 plus?

  12. Does the Z2 plus have Corning Gorilla glass ?

  13. Please do a comparison between Lenovo Z2 plus and MI5.. and what would be a good value for price..main preferences are performance, Camera, Battery and future support.. also what would be the best phone under 20K?

  14. Do you think Lenovo will deliver timely updates?
    PLEASE REPLY! I myself am a Lenovo User.

  15. Sir, how to update Android nughat version 7 in z2 plus ???

  16. Sir, my lenevo Z2 plus is getting hang while talking on phone after call i can't disconnect my call, i have to wait till person on call disconnect the call. please advise how to fix it.

  17. lenovo z2 ,honor 8 which one is better to buy

  18. if I want to buy fast charger, which one should i buy. please help

  19. Can you please test the weight of the phone with the back cover on.

  20. Dude, you give good videos. I really like your reviews. Please continue the same :)

  21. does rooting void z2 plus warranty ?

  22. lenovo z2 plus has SAR value 1.4 so what should I do ?? If it's unhealthy i will definitely not go for it..

  23. Lenovo vibe x3 or lenovo z2+ which is better

  24. How is the screen brightness and is the default Google now Launcher smooth while swiping on home screen between apps pages? Do you want think zuk z2 will also get as many and as fast andriod upgrades like the moto G4 plus & one plus 3 will get?

  25. GeekyRanjit, does its second sim slot support VoLte? I want to know whether I can use jio sim on second slot or I am bound to use on first one.

  26. can you compare moto g4 plus (32gb) zuk z2 (64gb) camera and gaming performance

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