LG G Watch R – My Favorite Smartwatch Yet!

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Published on February 28, 2016

I decided to give Android Wear another shot with the G Watch R from LG. Did it improve on the poor impression of Android Wear I had with using the Moto 360?

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  1. +LinusTechTips Would you consider reviewing the Vector Luna watch? I don't know much about it, but two things stand out: watch is always on, 30 days battery life (not a spelling mistake)

  2. I'm new to Android and am planning to switch to a droid phone from an iphone, so please excuse the question. But, will these droid watches when paired to a droid phone notify me of incoming calls with either a vibration or ring or both? Also, can someone recommend one that will do the job but at a low price? I'll be pairing it to an LG G Stylo. Thanks for any help!

  3. is this a standalone watch? I just want to use it as a normal watch since I can buy it cheap, and maybe navigation, do I need an android phone?

  4. ibez07

    thats what they are for FOR YOU, i think u are missing the point a smartwatch to me is a phone replacement ideally, what do i do on a phone? txt call and the odd fb message, if a watch gives me this i dont need a phone, people carrying a watch to get notification from a phone that is in their pocket make me laugh, yayyy 250 dollars so i dont have to get my phone out of my pocket = WTF, you are missing the point

  5. can someone help me with something, ive had a g watch r for the last week and yesterday when i woke up and started using it i noticed that the "open on phone" button was grayed out and ive looked online and cant find a soulution on fixing it

  6. aw no link for the strap your friend uses?? it looks cool

  7. Cali

    While I normally don't wear anything besides the clothes on my back its nice having a watch on my wrist that can shoe me important notifications without always having the need to pull my 5.7" smartphone out of my pocket. Think about how many times a day you use your phone to tell the time.

  8. does it take SIM crad?

  9. I can't get the LG watch r because the store is out of stock

  10. is there any way of using this with an iphone?

  11. Telus having customers that are loyal and happy?? Each and every person ive ever known has has nothing but negative things to say about telus.shady billing being the biggest issue.rude ignorant and terrible customer service being the second.thats why im with bell.

  12. Metal Bands? Does it include Death Metal Bands?

  13. Why can't we get a smart phone with the capabilities of the FitBit Charge HR and also use the device as a phone? That would be ideal I think. Thoughts? Too much tech in such a limited amount of space on the wrist?

  14. you dont need a smartwatch whit scuba diving…… now you have dive computers so big as a cellphone

  15. Great hands-on review. Very informative video. Would you try the new block modular smartwatch as soon as they launch? I heard its features and functionalities are awesome. Hopefully, you can also make a great one. Keep it up. Thanks!

  16. I have heard that this watch will get an update in the third quarter that will allow it to have the wifi feature like the urbane, but I have also heard that it is no longer happening and the watch is being discontinued. Can you confirm or deny any of that ?

  17. Does it support custom watch faces like the Moto 360?

  18. I'm abouts to buy this watch and cant find out that when  it say receive  and makes call in the spec  that it actually means being able to keep your phone in your pocket while talking…… anyone know?

  19. rust454

    I agree with Linus. For a Smartwatch to be good. The Watch functionality should be first. Heck, they should just call them Watchsmarts instead.

  20. if i have an iphone is it still okay to use this watch

  21. Hello. Please help with some tech answers. Is this watch compatible with any Android based phones (especially HTC ONE M7) ? Thanks.

  22. This is a really good video! For some reason I'm just now watching it lol. I absolutely love my G Watch R. I wear it much more than I thought I would. You're definitely one of my favorite reviewers. Thank you and keep up the great videos. 


  23. Where did you get this in Canda

  24. I am liking my decision to choose the Asus Zen Watch.  Even after seeing this video.  (Great video BTW)  I think the Zenwatch has all of the same tech so its only real difference is the case which is way more durable and stylish.  So really it was a no brainer. :)

  25. when there are sandal ads on linus's videos -_-

  26. What brand straps did you go with?

  27. The g watch R just doesn't suit me, I have quite small wrists so it looks huge and bulky on me. And I'm not that athletic at all so the sporty design just looks strange on me. So I went with the moto 360 and I love it. It looks great and gets me through the day with flying colors so I'm happy with it.

  28. I was so going to buy one of these and then I rolled over my samsung galaxy s4 with an office chair and need a new phone now my backup phone (Moto G first gen) is getting REALLY slow and awkward…

  29. Anyone know what this is like with the iPhone? 

  30. Should I buy this or wait for the next range of android wear smartwatches?

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