LG G5 Review – Best Android Smartphone of 2016?

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Published on April 24, 2016

The LG G5 is one of the most exciting smartphone releases of 2016. Introduced at Mobile World Congress, LG has switched up its strategy by giving the G5 a bunch of modular functionality. The battery can be quickly removed, and replaced with a better camera add-on with the LG Cam Plus, improved audio with the LG Hi-Fi Plus, and more.

Another big feature on the LG G5 is the dual rear cameras. You get a 16 megapixel camera alongside an 8 megapixel wide angle camera with a 135 degree field of view. The 5.3-inch display features always-on technology, so you can quickly glance at it and see the time, date, and any notifications without having to touch the phone.

The LG G5 ships with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which means that the software is just as up to date as the hardware experience. You can pick up the LG G5 and Friends modules starting in April (no solid LG G5 release date has been provided just yet.)

  1. Earned yourself a subscriber, well made video plus a good non biased review. Great job!

  2. DnFG

    how many pixels are in the selfie camera?

  3. Nice review.one more subscriber…

  4. what will be its price in pakistan

  5. i dont know but im on my 3d replacement. all the g5's i got from att have marks on the right side of the screen due to some type of pressure from the board and backlights spots on top and bottom also. find a all black wallpaper and go into the dark and turn the brightness all the way up and you will see what im talking about. I really like this phone it sucks 🙁 … hopefully my 4th one will be good.

  6. How can one review a pre-production model?

  7. I am looking into this phone because I take a lot of photos and I play a game on my phone that requires accurate location and long battery life. You didn't mention the battery size at all.

  8. I have been through a couple of reviews and I don't find any mention of the speakers how good are they ? and I mean the basic ones not the module .

  9. hey I have a ? is there a web broswer i understand there the Google chrome but usually there like a regular web browser on there too!

  10. AK Said

    does the lg g5 have a notification panel?

  11. Why are you so loud in the intro?

  12. Does this phone allow different ring tones/notifications for your contacts?

  13. Elyx

    aluminum body? HAHAHA it's actually plastic

  14. Excellent review!! The best I've seen on the G5, very poignant and straight to the point, you have a new sub my friend

  15. any batterydrain? t mobile is bad at battery drain

  16. Carlo K

    Not a review!!!

  17. phone is junk. it's plastic not metal. all kinds of defects!!! beware do not buy.

  18. I pretty much stopped the video at 03:13.. once you said "MICROSD slot" I was like … SOLD

    Ive been an android fan since the beginning when I got the first Droid 2.2 back in 2009 which came with removable battery and storage. And suddenly (to my disappointment) most phones seem to be getting rid of that feature by banking on the fact that they have larger internal capacities, like the iphones.
    I believe that Is a grave mistake for me to eradicate from the user that considers themselves a "Power user"

    Yes, cloud storage….blah blah blah, but can I transfer my apps to the coud and run my apps off the cloud? NO – I -CANT…
    (well technically yes but It would take uber geeky stuff and It would be incredibly slow)

    Being able to xfer apps to external SD and run them off SD saves on processing workload.

    To conclude.. Im leaving the Android line because of it.. and Im looking forward to the LG G5!!

    (does this mean I CANT format my external sd card? OR Transfer/run apps off of external?) I hope you can .. cause that would be very disappointing.

  19. Just got this and it's ugly and poor build quality. The edges of the headphone jack are sharp, the edges of the sim card slot is chipped out the box and ejector hole chips if you arent careful with the sim removal tool. The edges along the top where it curves down is rough, bigger bezels than the g3. Returning this crap and gettin the s7 edge.

  20. madotha

    Does the 6.0.1 version on the G5 have the new Marshmallow Emojis?

  21. Jon P

    Hey! Thanks for the video. Any info related to the battery life and how it compares to say, the S7 and iPhone 6 Plus?

  22. rzeetry

    GALAXY S7 takes 2016 winner so far

  23. +Andru Edwards is the USB C-port a different shape than say every other android charging port? That kind of hexagonal shape that has been around forever like on the HTC One M8, Galaxy Note 4.. etc.??

  24. Why Why LG does not provide wireless charging out of the box like any other 2016 flagship. Is there any future module to facilitate this option? If not , how this can be achieved.

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