LG V10 Review – Best Smartphone of 2015?

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Home Mobile Phones LG V10 Review – Best Smartphone of 2015?
Published on April 1, 2016

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  1. Getting one today. This video helped alot. Thanks!

  2. That Word Again: Gimmick…Rubbish…

  3. Back Buttons~Like The Entire LG G Series…

  4. 45 More Bloody Idiot/Morons And Counting…

  5. Amp

    My LG G3 I've dropped it so many times on hard services and even ran over it once on a treadmill; it still hasn't cracked.

  6. Hey frankp, is the Display on the V10 different than the one on the G4? the V10 Blacks look Darker

  7. Reaps

    And i'm here with my G4

  8. Cool this phone has "the best smartphone on any camera" XD

  9. I got this phone after Christmas, and it's a really good phone. The only issues I have with it is the audio speaker down below. It can easily get blocked by your hand just by holding it and it's not good at outputting audio, especially at higher volumes. They should have put front speakers. But, the Hi-Fi/DAC feature and audio settings really makes up for it. And the battery life may not be the best, but I am impressed that it's able to hold out for a relatively long time while consuming that much power when you take into consideration the specs of the phone. Thanks for the review. I laughed when you said you thought this phone was OLED. I thought that too. It does look like an OLED screen, and I was surprised when I figured out that it's just an IPS LCD screen.

  10. I am using LG G3 right now and it's incredible. I am a really big fan of LG smartphones, can't wait to buy this one! :D

  11. Ty for this review was going back and forth on whether or not to get the v10 after this review you made it clear I'm coming from iOS and now I'm getting the v10

  12. Great video. What app were those wallpapers from?

  13. You probably have already seen, but there are custom roms out there that are close to lg stock, lets you use multi window mode with all apps ect :)

  14. Æ

    If I ever got that phone, I will just flash CM to it.

    Beastly specs with a Stock-like Experience. Or should I get the Nexus 6P instead, ugh Huawei..

  15. Random Franky P ! o/ ;D My new phone is the Galax s6+ .. screen , speed , and camera is great

  16. nice review tho 🙂 i agree its one of the best phones

  17. also it's not dual led flash on of those sensors is a color spectrum sensor

  18. there's no proximity sensor on the back of the phone……

  19. Good review,one of the better ones. I think this is definitely one of if not the best of 2015. Thats why I got it. I even really like the second screen. I find it really useful. I think its much less of a gimmick than the Edge although an obvious rebuttal. The Edge is OK but blurring the mains screen seems silly and the fact that it would be awkward to hold w/o activating the sensor seems a bit sloppy.
    The second screen is really functional. I mean, smartphones to day are FULL of features, IMO if you use any feature daily then that eliminates it from gimmick territory and I use it all the time from checking the time to launching to reading notifications,.I find it useful.

    Totally agree about the DAC, that has to be the most under rated feature. Maybe I am a minority here but I love music and take sound pretty serious. I see a lot of people who use their phones more as a music player, so the fact this is not mentioned so often is lame. I use it FAR more than the camera yet the camera gets all the attention but then it deserves it.

    Is it everyone's "best" phone? No, that is impossible. However, people dismissing it outright are being pretty ignorant. Just look at all the absolute top smartphones. Now, look at all the specs, all the features and all the user reviews. Objectively this is easily in contention as top phone.
    Its #1 as far as sound quality.
    The display is one of the best and arguably the best IPS LCD.
    The camera is arguably the best overall. It may not be the best auto or have the fastest focus but its the best manual video and arguably best manual still with one of the best night pics and is tough to beat based purely on hardware.
    Sound recording looks pretty good with 3 mics and noise reduction along with stereo, SPL meter and controls.
    Call quality seems on par with all other top phones.
    Build quality is great. May not be premium as others and this is where personal choice comes in with the trade off of drop resistance eliminating the need to cover your fancy ass glass phone in rubber while adding changeable battery and expanding memory.
    Seriously, how can anyone argue this is not at least a contender for the best? All the above are pretty impressive and include all the real important functions of any smartphone. Its literally the best or very close in every category. Not many others compete at every level that well.

  20. you should really check out the Nexus 6p. Best Android out there bar none.

  21. Finally who thinks that v10 better than note5

  22. man the cream and dark blue look so good. What do my local carriers have though? Black. Oh, and Black!

  23. Great review. I am also an iPhone 6s Plus user and I'm upgrading to this as we speak. I hope I like it as much as you did. However, I have a feeling I'm going to love it.

  24. Your review helped me to decide to choose this phone. Thank you.

  25. Pacomac

    'The best smartphone on any camera ever' – Really! I assume you was given this phone in return for a review?

  26. The lighting, color, and B-roll looks amazing!!!

  27. Think you could do a review over a speakers system? I'm looking to find some for my computer, I'd like one with sub-woofers.

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