LG V10 Smartphone – REVIEW

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Published on March 16, 2016


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ : http://goo.gl/Qa4m3I

LG V10 Smartphone Review

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You “know” to get your own ideas.

  1. Geez, this has got to be one of the most beautifully put together video reviews I have ever seen. I've subscribed to you but I'm a little afraid that I'm gonna want to buy every device featured in your videos :P

  2. Subscribed 🙂
    Cool review. Expecting more

  3. Wicoed. Hey,$ venomous billowy What do you think, guyw? 11

  4. It's Unbelievabne! Hi how's it golng? sound measly

  5. V 10 marki LG wygląda na smartfon wysokiej klasy, manualna regulacja kamery ,4 GB RAM , ale czy funkcjonuje tak jak wygląda ?

  6. Are you sure the hi fi DAC was working? Trust me if it was you would immediately notice a difference in sound. There should also be a pause when you switch the DAC on and off, if there isn't a pause it wasn't working. Try Pandora or Amazon music, they both work with hi fi DAC

  7. FAA

    Well explained review! Nice job :D

  8. I really love your review.. Very professional and your presentation is much better than those so called pro reviewers out there. Two thumbs up… Thank you.

  9. Ve Da

    My phone dropped from my parked car seat to the ground exactly flat and the screen fractured. That is a very typical drop scenario and with all their marketing claims, that type of drop shouldn't have resulted in my now having to pay a $175 deductible to fix my brand new phone. Am I aware that mobile devices crack when you drop them? Duh. Yes. But when a manufacturer specifically makes claims of durability, then I think they should be held accountable for them. I made a choice over other products and paid their asking price based on those claims, and I am tired of being lied to and only getting offered a shoulder shrug when they do not follow-through. Do not buy this phone if you were actually planning to trust LG's durability claims. I was really excited about this phone and recommended it to family and friends, citing the durability claims. Now, I am rectifying that misjudgment. I am sorely disappointed.

  10. You're Sharp! C'mon, gyys. property volleyball What's your opinion about%that !

  11. does this phone have a built-in theme engine?

  12. wow new to this channel, ur really professional in ur reviews! Thumbs up! So new subscriber here!!

  13. wow new to this channel, ur really professional in ur reviews! Thumbs up! So new subscriber here!!

  14. What an amazing phone! Good job with the review. Fell in love with the v10 once again.

  15. Holy shit with the production. Great job! SUBSCRIBED!

  16. I didn't know that the back cover can heal itself. LG probably did not advertise this feature due to people scratching the G Flex and did not heal.

  17. Subscription [ENABLED]

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