Meet the Lightest & Thinnest Smartwatch: Pebble Time Round

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Home Watches Meet the Lightest & Thinnest Smartwatch: Pebble Time Round
Published on February 29, 2016

Pebble Time Round is the world’s lightest and thinnest smartwatch. It’s never been easier to have a Pebble that fits your style, blends into your life, and delivers tiny moments of awesome every day. Starting at $249, Pebble Time Round can be reserved worldwide at and starts shipping in November.

  1. Holy Bezelmania! LOL cute watch but lay off the bezels please

  2. nettra

    I adore mine!

  3. I would probably own one but reviews on amazon claim junk, and support could care less? so which is it, they down graded the pebble steel, but do I believe everything I read, if you stand behind your product 100% in writing then I still might get one, I hate to buy something this expensive and have it not work. know what I mean,

  4. The reason I bought the original Pebble and more recently the Pebble Time was battery life. 5-6 days between charges was a big plus for me. 2 days is about the same as a Moto 360 and you can pick one of those up for about the same price. Seems a step back to me. Looks nice, bezels a bit big, I'd like to see pebble make more use of the watch face real estate but the 2 day battery life is a bitof a deal breaker, I would have been happier to have a watch case a few mm thicker to accomodate a bigger battery.

  5. if Eric cartman was watching this.. he'll be like. o wait you all already know.. migicovsky :)

  6. Samsung gear s2 already won the smart watch industry. Haven't seen any other that comes close.

  7. I love Pebble and all but I can't justify the price of 249$…When you can get a Asus Zenwatch 2 for 150$ and the tech involved seems to be more involved than a Pebble time round…

  8. why pebble always have such big frames? that needs to be fixed in next models dude!

  9. AZTAKUTYAFÁJÁT!!!Translate:I love it soooo much.

  10. Dan RC

    Is this just for women? Because its FAR too small for a man's watch. It looks WAY too feminine. Where the men's version?
    Plus why the HUGE bezel?
    I'll DEFINITELY pass on this one, unless the make a man's version that's a lot bigger (45mm – 50mm).

  11. Watches don't have to be thin. Make a smartwatch with the body of a large mechanical watch and you'll have not only room for incredible battery life, but also something that looks like a $250 watch.

  12. What's the point having a small round in a big round!!!

  13. vexx506

    The terrible battery life of this thing negates pebbles biggest advantage over the competitors… Like literally who is this aimed at?

    There are watches with the same life and many more functions on android wear.. And the regular pebble time steel has a significantly longer lasting battery.

    I don't get it.

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