Melting An HP Laptop With A 500,000 BTU Torch

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Home Computers & Laptops Melting An HP Laptop With A 500,000 BTU Torch
Published on May 31, 2016

Melting our HP laptop computer with a 500,000 BTU propane torch! We decided to test out the 500,000 BTU torch for the first time on our HP laptop computer. This thing can produce some extreme heat and was able to cause major destruction to the HP laptop. Halfway through the video the heat became so extreme that it caused our video camera to go into overheat mode and shut off. Once the camera was back up and running we attempted to continue melting the laptop which is why you see a reduction in the flames and water on the ground.

What do you want to see us melt next? Leave your suggestions in the comment section below. Who know’s maybe we will melt your suggestion for our next video!

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  1. Mike C

    The screen stayed on much longer than I thought it would.

  2. Alright guys lets face it… We all wanted to do this before.

  3. This is what happened to my really slow laptop when I tried to run GTA V.

  4. As someone who has had bad experiences with HP products in the past, YAS

  5. And Clothes? Bra….Panties…Nylon….A big nylon raincoat?

  6. This is what happens when you try and get an HP to play FarCry Primal.

  7. yall just wasted like 500 dollars

  8. this is what happened when I play Dark Soul and Bloodborne .thank u

  9. Figured someone would have already said this, but I'm surprised the battery didn't explode. Unless ya'll were smart and removed it before sentencing the laptop to its fiery death.

  10. Computer Rating 3/10
    Needs a better firewall

  11. Someone in Africa could have eaten that laptop….

  12. Did you try restarting it?

  13. have you tried turning it off and back on?

  14. Videos like this are extremely irresponsible and short sighted. Most modern technology contains some amount of rare earth metals (also called rare earth elements, rare earth minerals), which are not only relatively scarce, but very energy and toxin-intensive to extract and prepare for use in our technology. Once used in manufacture they are very difficult to remove and isolate for reuse, so almost always end up being dumped and wasted, often in countries in Africa, where they continue to be toxic to people exposed to them.

    Please do some research about the environmental and health costs associated with the technology we've come to take for granted before you decide to destroy more for youtube views.

  15. Omar

    hp laptops are notorious for over heating .. just run a heavy game and it'll melt on its own .

  16. Next time give me that laptop, I'll send you my piece of junk instead, could use a better one *sob

  17. you could of gave me that computer lol thats awsome

  18. Jackie

    Try press Ctrl Alt Del may help revive it

  19. hey guys, I think your computer is running a bit hot

  20. All these videos go pretty well with metal music, actually, kinda any music.

  21. ZomBae

    When I drop my mixtape

  22. You Are The Only Reason Why our Atmosphere is in Danger

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