MSI GT80 Titan SLI – Halfway Between Laptop & Desktop

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Published on February 28, 2016

The MSI GT80 Titan SLI is not your average high-end gaming laptop. It has two powerful GPUs in SLI, astounding hardware upgradability, and a fully built-in Cherry MX mechanical keyboard, the first of its kind. But are these compelling features enough to make the laptop stand among titans? Find out in the epic conclusion of this review!

The Laptop:

Lepa Aquachanger 240:

The Store:
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  1. I have an MSI GT70. It's a heavy laptop but still portable. The weight he's referring to is obviously the comparison to your average portable gaming laptop. But it is perfectly possible and I do it all the time while taking it to work… using my large heavy duty hiking backpack. :P

  2. I was looking for an easy to use calculator… guess I'll count this out.

  3. Re-dic, Reddick. I see what you did there…

  4. I own one and Its the shiz..the 4k one to clarify..and your guess at the kind of person who would by one a fairly close haha

  5. This is really weird. MSI makes a 2000$ laptop with 4K resolution, and a 4000$ laptop with 12 GB graphics, but only 1080 p resolution? WHY!!!!!!???

  6. Why can't I find a laptop with 980m SLI?

  7. This laptop is so fuking over board

  8. I mostly got LUCKY to get this laptop, it was used and the person was someone who eats through their tech and sold it to me for what's essentially dirt cheap (The same price as say the 960m laptops), but I do see how certain people besides tech eaters and rich kids would want it, whether it be for competitive lan gaming, or they do indeed travel a lot but they want to game and video edit effectively and in general as a desktop replacer that is technically more portable than a desktop, even the most portable desktop I built (With a handle) is still less portable than this laptop is, so no it's not a normal "Laptop" but it has its uses (Besides a fancy prop for pricks).

  9. Who wouldn't want to carry 10 lbs? A lazy bum. You're dumb as fuck. "10 lbs! It hurts my back!".

  10. If you have money for this laptop you have money for the special GPUS :D

  11. If I could afford it it would be brilliant

  12. why only 50 fps in gta ? dual titans on 1080p ? I expected more tbh…i felt like this thing should run any game you throw at it at 100+fps for 4k dollars…

  13. This laptop has a battery life 30 minutes

  14. Jesus laptop kiddies are cancer. Get a real desktop or a console.

  15. WahyuAA

    can it run mario bros atleast 21 fps?

  16. Wow 4000 $ for a Laptop and even worse than my 800€ PC

  17. The problem with being a traveling business gamer is that you need a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets. She has to look classy, clean, not like a dirty whore than can run games on ultra while screaming your name. – Just sayin ;)

  18. since no one can build laptops thats pretty good

  19. Laptop isn't worth it, it can't run Minesweeper. Dislike unsubbed blocked and flagged.

  20. Why did he say combined 12 GB frame buffer? is that relevant when they don't.. combine?

  21. Razer's solution seems much more efficient than this one to me.

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