New Android Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch Unboxing / Video Review [HD]

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Published on April 3, 2016

This is an unboxing / video review of the all-new Fossil Q Founder Smartwatch (powered by the Android OS) that was released a few days ago.

  1. Haha we getting fustrated SWIPE UP!!!!

  2. I have one trying to sell it for 150

  3. can iconnect to wi-fi and make calls with it?

  4. What's the battery life when on sleep mode completely?

  5. i am guess this is your first android wear watch

  6. Please make a second video to show what happens when you "Swipe up to get started…" :)

  7. at 7:17, he says "OK, Google"… and my Android phone on my desk woke up and started listening to the video… LOL.

  8. this is kinda of .. an unboxing :))

  9. Can you tell me if the watch can be adjusted at the buckle for a more refined fit, or is it just adjustable by only removing links?

  10. Can you tell me how strong the vibration is on notifications? Traditionally Android Wear has a weak vibration on incoming notifications. Hoping the vibration on this timepiece is strong.

  11. UP please swipe UP!! 🙂 Would have been nice to see how the standard type watch face looks. Thanks for the review, looks good.

  12. hi … does the Fossil Q Founder have WiFi like other android wearables. Also what is the material of display …. ordinary glass or gorilla glass or sapphire. Please advise

  13. Hello,

    Could you please advise what version of androidwear is running on the watch?
    I am hoping it is the latest available.

  14. What version of android wear comes with this? Did you update at all?

  15. Does the box say anything about the processor? Like the clockspeed, RAM or how many cores it has. I can't find any specs on the site.

  16. DAGON this is almost cringe worthy. SWIPE UP DAGONIT!!! XD

  17. subscribed because we both live in orange county

  18. Nice vid! Glad you uploaded it now I got a better idea about this watch! Thanks!

  19. I don't understand companies. If anyone wants to compete with apple they need to stop making such stupid design decisions. That black bar at the bottom giving that screen a "flat tire" look is atrocious.

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