Nexus 6P – 2017’s best budget smartphone?

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Published on December 27, 2016

The Nexus is dead. Long live the Nexus! Does the introduction of the Pixel now mean that the Nexus 6P is now the undoubted king of the budget market for 2017?…

EDIT: Wow complete amateur hour up in this channel. Apologies for some of the horrendous camera shake in this video. Coming from a 5D MK III to a Lumix G7 has seen some serious issues on my part 😫.

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  1. Anyone else holding onto their Nexus 6P until the Pixel 2?

  2. I'm french and I really enjoy your videos

  3. I don't think tha I'll ever be able to let my 6P go.. those dual front-facing speakers… the screen! Cannot leave it :)

  4. brother nexus 6p vs one plus 3T…wht should i buy in this upcoming december…um confused…

  5. Ades

    Dat background music.. Too loud..

  6. Should I pick up the Samsung Galaxy s6 or the Nexus 6p?

  7. Absolutely wonderful phone.

  8. Just an opinion, but i think you should lower the background music a bit lower. Its kind of distracting.

  9. Isn't the nexus loosing its updates because it is discontinued?

  10. should i get the nexus 6p 64gb for round £400 or the s7 edge which is £530?
    all things considered which is the better option?

  11. "king" of the budget phones? I agree it is a good option, but i definitely wouldn't say it's the king, with the oneplus 3T and the axon 7 being around the same price range, and noticeably better.

  12. How you got weather in notification toggles?

  13. Sad to see the Nexus line go,hope they go as far as with the Pixel.

  14. 6p low light scen fuck pixel

  15. i hope there will be upgrade for this device.. i know this is like a dream thats why i said i hope!! now for same price u can get one plus 3 or 3T which is far better than the 6P… i really like this device but i dont think u can compare it to newts smart phones realest in 2016 .. thank you

  16. best phone I have ever owned…and I have had almost all flagships

  17. Hdr+ rockzzz
    still the king of low light

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