No.1 D5+ Android 5.1 Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

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Published on February 8, 2017

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This D5+watch has been provided by No.1 and Gearbest for review. Many thanks to our viewers for making this YouTube site popular and to No.1 and Gearbest for their support. If you are interested in purchasing this D5+ smartwatch, please use the link listed above. It will help us receive more watches to review for you in the future. Thanks!


The No.1 D5+ smartwatch represents a boost in performance for their flagship D5 watch. In addition to a processor overhaul, the new watch brings a doubling in memory, both RAM and ROM as well as a redesigned heart rate monitor and a modified charging dock to bring solid connectivity for charging and data transfer. The OS has been bumped up to Android 5.1 as well, bringing with it a huge number of new ringtones and notification sounds.

If you already have a D5, your charging dock will work on the new D5+ (but not the other way around). If you don’t have a D5, then the D5+ is definitely worth considering if you think you will need the extra memory for songs, apps, or other files.

Here is a relatively complete list of recommended Apps for Android watches:

UPDATE 2016-12-28: Important Firmware Update for D5+

  1. I would like to see the kw88 versus d5+. I like both but I don't know witch one to choose ,, witch one you like the most?

  2. where can I buy an extra charge base for the charger no.1 D5 +

  3. Hi, thanks for the videos, interesting stuff. I have read on a website that sells the d5+ that straps can be changed, are you sure they can't? Thanks.

  4. i am waiting to review for the heart rate monitor and compare it for D5+, kw88, Zeblaze Blitz.

    Please like so he can see

  5. sir I have a problem no.1 d5+ smart watch I go to simulate secondary display and then I opened this now I can't close how to close this option please sir tell me

  6. Hello, it`s a while since you did this video. Do you still have the D5+ and can you help me getting a point clear concerning this watches. I have a D5+ on my own and wonder about if it`s broken because on no watchface with a built in moonphase it is showing the phase correct in my country. Even with the only stock-watchface with moonphase-indicator it always shows fullmoon no matter what moon we have. Does this work on your D5`s or is it a missing implementation?

    Thanks for your meticulous work on all this watches that you present here. Great job.

  7. Here is a relatively complete list of recommended Apps for Android watches:

    1. Core Apps:
    Display Brightness –
    Volume Control –
    Screen On Off Lock –
    Settings Search –
    Google Gesture Search –
    App Backup and Restore –
    App Cache Cleaner –
    APUS Browser –
    File Manager (Gira Mobile) –
    Open Mic+ for Google Now –
    Screen Filter –
    Speech to Clipboard –
    Super Mute –
    Tiny Apps –

    2. Keyboards:
    Google Keyboard –
    Flit Keyboard –
    MessageEase Keyboard –
    Touchpal Keyboard –

    3. Tethering Assistance:
    Heads-Up Notifications –
    M2D Sender (Receiver app on Phone) –
    Tablet Talk –

    4. Specialized Apps:
    @Voice Aloud Reader –
    AlpineQuest GPS Hiking-
    Balto Speed Reading –
    Breathing Zone –
    Cronosurf Wave Pro –
    Easy Voice Recorder –
    Google Keep –
    Squarespace Note –
    Talking Clock –
    Tippy Tipper –
    Just LED Display –
    Visualisator 5000 Free –
    Open Camera (for watches with cameras) –

    5. Media Apps:
    Flipboard –
    Haystack –
    Inshorts –
    Pocket –
    Stitcher Radio –
    TuneIn Radio –

    6. Advanced Apps:
    Floating Toucher –
    Swipe Home Button –
    Floating Launcher3 –
    Mobizen Mirroring –
    Nova Launcher –

    7. Testing Apps:
    Engineering Mode MTK Shortcut –
    AnTuTu Benchmark –
    AntuTu 3D Bench – –

  8. Hi SmartWatch Ticks, which of the watches that you have reviewed do you use for your daily usage watch and how good are these watches after several months use? Regards

  9. junk device. No customer support. It dont connect with windows10. When you get to an issue you have to do factory rest using complicated system and then you lost imei number, so sim will be useless. Googleplay dont work and it will not accept the device. Dont but the device because tgey dont give any support.

  10. Hey I found a nice alternative launcher for the no. 1 d5, it's called the TSF Launcher. It has great 3D effects and nice animations. Go to Google Play Store and check it out, I believe you will like it.

  11. Hey, spent the last 2 hours trying to log into google play store. Tried resetting the phone, Watch is up to date. Internet works. I'm lost for ideas..

  12. Hi SmartWatch TicksI have a question again, some sites say that this is 3G WCDMA 850/1900/2100Mhz (like on Gearbest), but some other sites say 850/2100 Mhz only, which is a huge difference, because I'm in Canada, and our network require BOTH WCDMA 850 and 1900 Mhz for it to work on their network. Do you know the correct frequencies it supports? Thank you!

  13. I know that the watch is notified when the smartphone receives a whatsapp massege ,but my question is: Is it possible to read the content of the whatsapp massege on the watch ??

  14. I just ordered a brand new D5+. It now comes with a 16gb expansion slot. Very happy. Still no info about android 6 upgrade yet. xx

  15. What a dilemma. IMHO the Kingwear KW88 (Lemfo Lem5 too) has/have the looks I want, but the NO 1 D5+ has the specs (1gb ram and 8 gb storage) for nearly the same price ($6.00 different) in my location. How much slower will the KW88 run? What is my plan for these? I like having different watch faces. It's like having a new watch every day! Heart Rate Monitor? Don't care. Camera? Same… don't care. Yes, to be able to get texts and calls while riding my motorbike are the other main reasons to get a stand alone. No need to wear down the battery in my phone using bluetooth. The s99 is available too, but that's already been ruled out.

    What do you think? KW88 or D5+ ??

    Thank you

  16. Thank You William,
    Due to my location, the two you recommend are not available thru Lazada. I have to purchase thru Lazada because it'll be sure to arrive and there won't be any hidden costs. I'll just have to wait for something else. I'm 13 hrs ahead of EST.. Happy New Year!

  17. I did have a beat on the LEM 5 via eBay. The seller offered to devalue it so I could avoid duty taxes. I didn't ask. He just offered. World have to use DHL for shipping that add s to three overall cost.. Thank you Ticks

  18. Jose P

    what is the best tethering watch to buy.

  19. Thanks for all you do for the smartwatch community.  I truly appreciate all your videos and the tips are fantastic!  One question–can we use the WatchMaker app on the D5+?

  20. HI, Can you please confirm does this have Wi Fi and GPS ? Thanks

  21. Hi I need help what application on the phone to kw88 because my QR code does not work

  22. Hello, there! Could you tell me if I can replace the strap? I ve read that I can on D5+, unlike the D5…

  23. Big D

    Just ordered one and the seller claims it takes a 16gb micro sd card. does it take one or not please.

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